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Penis Enlargement Methods

The size of the penis has been a matter of concern for most men. But does penis size really matter? This is a question that’s been asked again and again, and while a credible sexologist would say that penis size doesn’t matter, a lot of men think otherwise. Most men believe that having a longer, bigger penis is important because it gives a deep vaginal penetration to women.

Most men are convinced that a longer penis ensures a fulfilling sexual relationship and boosts their confidence and self-esteem.

You must have seen tons of commercials that claim to enlarge the size of the penis over a short period of time. The internet remains overpacked with advertisements for multiple methods that claim to increase the penis size. While many of these penis enlargement methods fail to deliver, there are some that have shown improvement. Manufacturers who sell male enhancement products know that men really wish for a longer penis to improve their sexual life. Many advertisers make money by selling pills which give no results at all. This is simply because a lot of men believe that the claims might actually have some truth. That’s why herbal supplement for penis enlargement has now turned into a billion dollars industry worldwide.

Broadly speaking, penis enlargement methods can be categorized into non-surgical and surgical methods. Below, we discuss both of these in detail so that you are aware of what really works and what doesn’t.

Non-Surgical Methods for Penis Enlargement

While browsing online or reading men’s health magazines, you might have come across many of these methods.

Vacuum Pumps: In the penis enlargement device genre, a vacuum pump is the most popular one. It consists of two parts – a cylinder and a pump. When using it, you need to put your penis inside the cylinder and then use the pump, which pulls more blood into the penis. As a result, the penis becomes erect and increases a little in size. But this type of penis enlargement is temporary. Excessive use of vacuum pump can also damage the spongy tissues in the penis and affect erection, too. Penis pumps are, however, often used to treat erectile dysfunction in men.

Pills: You’ll come across a wide range of these pills that claim to increase the size of the penis. Usually, these herbal supplements contain a host of essential vitamins, minerals and hormones. While every pill manufacturer makes tall claims of penis size lengthening, there’s no solid evidence to back such claims. Plus, most of these pills can cause serious side-effects to one’s health.

Cream: Enlargement creams are also widely available to enhance the size of the penis. These creams come along with attractive ads like ‘Achieve Mega Size Penis’ and ‘Enlarge Your Penis Up to 12 Inches’. Even Amazon sells some of these creams. Instructions on the packing tell you to massage the cream into the penis for 3-4 minutes three times day. However, there’s no clear proof that these male enhancement creams really deliver.

Clamp: This is a ring worn at the base of an erect penis. After wearing the clamp, you can reduce its diameter to build pressure at the base of the penis and push the blood that has flow in towards the front of the penis. Penis clamp method is used to increase the girth of the penis. Using this clamp properly for a few minutes over a period of 3-4 weeks can enlarge your penis a little. But you should always avoid applying this method for a long period, as using the clamp for over 30 minutes will cut the blood supply to the penis altogether and harm the penile tissues.

Exercises: There are various exercises that are said to increase the size of the penis. Most of these exercises focus on stretching the skin of the penis, thereby lengthening its size. One such exercise is jelqing, which refers to manual squeezing of the penis. The history of these exercises date back to the old Arabs who passed on the technique from one generation to another. Jelqing is a type of exercise which is done without getting your penis erect. Such exercises take too much time on a daily basis and can cause pain. As far as penile exercises are concerned, it is important to understand that the tissues in the penis are elastic type, not like other body muscles that can be bulked up and grown over time.

Most non-surgical methods try to stretch the skin of the penis and all of them involve a lot of disciplined effort. While you may think that the size of your penis has grown bigger after trying one of these techniques, the actual length remains the same. It only appears that the penis has become longer. Such processes and techniques also come along with multiple risks. If you are not careful, you can easily damage the soft, elastic tissues in your penis and impact erection. Methods like hanging weights from the penis have also resulted in snapping the tissue.

Surgical Methods for Penis Enlargement

Surgery provides an alternative to enhance the size of the penis. But there are very few surgeons who perform this type of surgery because succeeding requires extensive experience and perfected skills.

The surgery conducted to increase the size of the penis is medically known as penile enlargement, penile augmentation surgery, phalloplasty or penoplasty. Many critics admit that penile surgery does provide better results than other penis enlargement methods. But penoplasty isn’t free from risks, and so it’s highly recommended that you work with a surgeon who has a successful track record.

Penis enlargement surgeries can be done either to increase the length or the width of the penis – or both.

Lengthening: The penis remains attached to the muscles of the pelvic floor through a ligament, called the suspensory ligament. Due to this connection with the tough fibre, some portion of the penis shaft remains concealed from the view and as a result the penis size appears to be smaller. Penile surgery can uncover the hidden part of the penis shaft, thus making the full length visible. The surgeon, therefore, cuts the ligament and most of the shaft comes into view. Post-surgery, you may be asked to do some exercises to keep the ligament detached during the healing period.

Widening: The penis size can be increased in width, as well. In this surgery, the plastic surgeon harvests fat from other areas of the body and injects it into the penis. Plastic surgeons also use another technique to widen the penis, termed as implanted allograft. This surgical method involves using donor tissue for the penis grafting process.

Plastic surgeons use many other surgical methods to increase the size of the penis. The penis in some people appears to be smaller in size simply because those people are overweight. The extra fat at the base of the penis can also be removed through a surgical technique called liposuction, thereby improving the size of the penis. As the field of reconstructive surgery evolves more, you can expect more useful and precise surgery techniques to be used by surgeons. And with more and more people opting for male enhancement, surgeons predict that surgical methods for increasing the size of penis will only become more common in future.

Who is the Right Candidate for Penile Surgery?

The average size of a normal penis is 5-6 inches. Anyone whose penis length is below the average size can definitely opt for penile surgery. Reconstructive surgery is also a suitable option for men who have lost some or entire portion of their penis due to an accident or injury. Some people suffer from  “hidden penis syndrome”, which leads to anxiety and frustration. Penile surgery can be a better alternative to improve the penis size in this case. Getting operated on by an experienced reconstructive surgeon will ensure precise, long-lasting results.

Surgical methods can enhance the size of the penis, both in length and girth. Male enhancement cosmetic surgeons can use surgical techniques to treat a number of male discrepancies through scrotal lift, pubic lifts, circumcision etc. However, it is always advisable to seek the consultation of a trained surgeon and discuss the details of your unique case before making a final decision.

Lifestyle Changes to Increase the Size of Your Penis

While you may not be aware, making some positive changes to your lifestyle can also help you grow the size of your penis.

Here’s what you need to do:

Exercise Regularly: Having a healthy penis is about improving the blood flow through the arteries. Erection occurs when blood from the arteries flows into the penis, which means exercise can really help. If you don’t exercise on a regular basis, make sure you develop this good habit soon. By exercising more, you can clear the blood vessels and improve blood flow to the reproductive organ. As a result, you can boost the length and the overall growth of the penis.

Eat Lots of Fruits and Vegetables: A healthy diet helps you improve the growth of the penis. Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of antioxidants, which you need to get rid of free radicals in your body. The less free radicals you have in your body, the stronger your blood vessels will become. This, in turn, helps your penis to grow and achieve a healthy length and width.

Get Rid of Negative Feelings: Negativity is a silent killer. Many men ruin their sex life only because of their negative thinking. When you’re occupied with negative thoughts, it reduces blood flow to the penis. If you plan to have a  gratifying sex life and develop a healthy penis, you must get rid of negativity.

Meditate: Practicing meditation helps people solve so many health issues. People who are frustrated with their sex life should spend time on meditating, as it will help them achieve a peaceful state of mind. If you meditate on an everyday basis, you can improve the overall circulation of your body. Increased blood flow helps develop the penis to its full length, as a result.

Take a Bath with Warm Water: Heat expands things, it is a very well-known fact. Taking a cold shower shrinks the penis size because it reduces circulation. On the other hand, taking a warm shower improves the circulation of the body and the blood flow to the penis. If you are worried about the size of your penis, take warm baths everyday and you’ll see the penis grow healthy.

Apart from opting for a non-surgical or surgical method (whichever suits your specific case), you should definitely try these natural methods to ensure healthy growth of the penis. Though these are simple lifestyle changes, they can make a good, positive impact on your penis and overall health.

Seek the Advice of an Expert Surgeon

You may have questions or concerns regarding the effectiveness of several methods that claim to enlarge the size of the penis. Before you make up your mind to go for a treatment of choice, you should talk to a doctor or surgeon. An expert will explain what you really need and how to go about it.

Dr. Elliot Heller, a board certified plastic surgeon, has treated a number of patients with small penis and other sexual problems. He uses both non-surgical and surgical methods to increase the size of the penis, length and width-wise. At Allure Surgery Center, Dr. Heller and his trained staff help a lot of patients clear their doubts about penis enlargement methods and make a well-informed decision. Key surgeries that Dr. Heller successfully performs include ligament release, pubic lift, pubic liposuction, penile widening, fat transfer, scrotal lift etc.

Get in touch with Dr. Heller and find out which penis enlargement method suits your unique case and what kind of results you can expect from it. He’ll explain everything that you need to know.

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Penis Size and Sex – Is There a Link?

Does the size of a man’s penis really matter?


Men have always been obsessed with the size of their reproductive part. It’s hard to find a man who wouldn’t want their penis to be an inch or two bigger for quite obvious reasons. A lot of men believe that a bigger penis is more satisfying when it comes to having sex. The relation between penis size and sex has been a crucial topic for studies and researchers.

Sexuality researchers from different parts of the world have surveyed both men and women to uncover the facts.

What Men Think

The normal size of a penis averages between 5-6 inches when erect. Even a man with an average sized penis desires a bigger size.

But why are men so fixated? The biological function of a penis is to discharge sperm into the vagina, and the rest happens on its own. Even if the penis is small, it can do the job perfectly well to initiate the reproduction process. Still, there’s so much furor over the size of the penis. “Bigger is better” is generally the popular opinion for many of today’s numerous options for every aspect of life.

That’s exactly what most men believe, as well. For men, bigger is always better in the bedroom. A man thinks that with a bigger penis he would be able to sexually satisfy his partner incredibly well.

What Women Think

Of course, women are attracted to physical appearance, intelligence and sense of humor. A woman wants to be with a man who knows how to romance. But keeping these considerations separate, women also want sexual satisfaction.

Penis size pertains to two things – length and width. In a survey, fifty women aged between 18 and 25 were asked whether length or width of the penis feels better. Most of the women revealed that they prioritized width of the penis more. There were only a couple of women who preferred length over width. Not a single one of the surveyed women said that both length and width were equally important. Some women said that a penis above average in length can cause slight pain.

What You Need to Know

The size of a penis isn’t the only factor when it comes to sexually satisfying a woman. There are other more important factors like strength of erection and the duration of sexual intercourse.

There is some factual evidence that there is a relationship between penis size and sexual satisfaction. However, width of the penis is more important than the length of the penis, as per another survey. More girth in a penis makes a man’s partner feel fuller and it is also more effective at stimulating the clitoris or prostate. According to some researchers, a wide penis creates a feeling of fullness in a woman, and therefore the woman enjoys greater sexual satisfaction during intercourse.

For some women, the length of the penis makes a difference too. This is applicable to those women who have vaginal orgasm. There are two types of orgasms that women can feel, the other being the clitoral orgasm. Women who like having a vaginal orgasm need a deeper penetration, and that’s where the length of the penis comes in. However, the percentage of women who prefer deep vaginal orgasm is low, as a couple of recent surveys suggest. Most women have clitoral orgasm as it is easier to achieve and can be frequent. All said and considered, women aren’t as concerned with how long the penis is; they are more concerned about the girth of the penis.

Penis Size Enhancement Surgery

A variety of penis enlargement products are available in the market, most of them heavily advertised online. How effective these products can be is still a crucial topic for debate and research though.

Male enhancement surgery is an alternative that men can opt for to increase the length of the penis. If you plan to add more length and fullness to your penis or want to cure other discrepancies of the reproductive part, you can choose to get effective treatment by an experienced plastic surgeon.

Dr. Elliot Heller is a renowned plastic surgeon who has mastered the art of improving the size of the penis, enhancing the glans (head of penis) and performing scrotal lifts, just to name a few options. At Allure Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Heller advises and helps a lot of people of various age groups from a variety of backgrounds. For people who desire a larger penis, he employs both surgical and non-surgical techniques to increase the size of the penis both in length and width. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Heller now to discuss your unique case in detail during a free consultation.

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Dr. Heller Answers: Does Surgical Penile Lengthening Affect A Man’s Ability to Have Kids?

Image Source

Penile Length New York
New York — NY – It may be that men most care about their penile length for visual and performance reasons–that does not mean they do not care about the long-term, real life effects of penile modification.

One of the factors men are most concerned with when considering various penile lengthening procedures is whether these will negatively impact their ability to reproduce. Dr. Heller is eager to explain the facts regarding this:

  • The popular ligament release procedure is certainly one that worries a lot of patients. This is understandable, as during this procedure, the fundiform and suspensory ligaments are cut. This releases the part of the penis that is hidden inside the body–out. If performed carefully, no part of the semen-carrying vessel (the vas deferens) is damaged, making it safe for fertility.
  • Our non-surgical enlargement, which involves an injection of a poly-material filler is the least invasive and most risk-free procedure if you are concerned about any damage to your reproductive capacity.
  • Also common for penis enlargement (for the appearance of a larger penis) are the pubic lift and pubic liposuction options. Neither procedure even requires access to the penis, which completely eliminates any potential of harming a man’s fertility. Still, these can do a lot–visually–for making a man’s endowment appear larger. This is especially true if he has a relatively fatty pubic zone or tissue that partially covers his pubic/genital area.

If you are in New York or the tri-state area and wish to discuss your penile lengthening or penile widening options–give our office a call at 1(866) 477-2023. Financing options are available. Dr. Heller is an experienced plastic surgeon specializing in male enhancement surgery and non-invasive procedures. He or one of his team members will be glad to guide you through your many options.

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Dr. Heller Recounts The Far-Reaching Effects Penis Size Has on a Man’s Self Esteem

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Penis Size Manhattan
Manhattan, NY – For decades, studies and surveys have generated data that proves time and time again that a man’s perception of his penis directly affects his confidence and self-concept. Just recently a detailed study done by Dr. Alicia Walker demonstrates just how much this correlation can affect everything in a man’s life.

Using the social platform Reddit, American researcher Alicia Walker asked men across North America to answer a survey regarding their general health, willingness to enter relationships, self-esteem, etc.—and questions about how they perceived their penis. She also asked them to accurately measure their penis and send clinical photos to see whether they really were as “small” as they perceived themselves to be.

The study was launched just this June, but was cut short because of public outcry at the supposed academic impropriety of asking for photographic evidence. (Professor Walker maintains the pictures were strictly for verifying whether men performed their self-measurement correctly). Nevertheless, some preliminary results were yielded from this study, and they are shocking.

Some Findings


  • Condom usage is augmented by a man’s perception of his size. Perhaps nobody that thinks they are small wishes to buy a box of condoms labeled specifically for more modest-sized penises.
  • Men are hesitant to go to their physicians for a problem completely unrelated to their penis, because of the fear that a full physical will make exposing their privates mandatory.
  • This can also translate into fear of necessary surgery unrelated to the penis. Being in a vulnerable position, under anesthesia and unclothed in front of a surgical group can drill fear into a man who sees his penile size as inadequate.
  • Men who see themselves as too small forego many relationship opportunities for fear of having their penis negatively evaluated.
  • Men in general feel stress and anxiety even at a neutral penis joke if they are not happy with their own.
  • Men can develop body dysmorphic disorder, depression, and have even admitted to contemplating suicide due to their negative view of their penis size and the social problems developed due to this anxiety.

It is clear that being satisfied with one’s penis size is instrumental for a man’s self-confidence, health, and social success. There are ways to increase penis length and girth safely and effectively for those that find their penis lacking in size according to their own standards. Dr. Heller specializes in various penile enhancement procedures, including aesthetically believable fat grafting, ligament release, P-shot, and liposuction at the pubic area for maximum penile lengthening appearance. Call today to review your choices.

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The Negative Effects of Penis Enlargement Alternatives, according to Dr. Heller

Image Source
Penis Enlargement Alternatives New York

New York — NY Of all the various over-the-counter medicines available on the market today, the penis enlargement/ sexual enhancement category is one of the most unregulated. In fact, the sexual enhancement and penis enlargement supplements that are regulated are amongst the highest recalled supplement categories. This is due to them containing non-approved substances. In 2009 alone, the FDA found that one-third of the supplements that claimed to help enlarge penis size or to increase sexual health–contained undisclosed prescription drug ingredients or similar substances.

The results of consuming these ingredients can potentially present some serious health hazards.

Side effects of Alternative Penis Enhancement
There is quite a list of negative side effects that result from taking penis enlargement and male enhancement supplements. Here is a short list just to show how unsafe these things can be.

This is one of the more common side effects of penis enlargement/ sexual enhancement pills. Men taking these are reporting losing their balance and having altered vision issues.

Many of the ingredients inside penis enlargement/ sexual enhancement pills are known to cause headaches. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to prevent them if you choose to use the supplements, except for taking some pain relievers and hydrating well.

Another commonly reported side effect from using penis enlargement/ sexual enhancement supplements is a sense of nausea. It is recommended to those willing to try these non-scientifically tested supplements, to stop taking the pills if you experience this side effect.

High Blood Pressure
One of the most dangerous symptoms on this list–and one that is commonly swept under the rug–is high blood pressure. To make it even worse, many men are ashamed that they would be trying these alternatives. Thus, they are not talking with their doctor about a sudden rise in blood pressure.

Heart Palpitations
So hopped up on the pills that your heart feels like it is going to jump out of your chest? Heart palpitations are a very uncomfortable side effect that might change your mind about wasting money on penis enlargement/ sexual enhancement supplements.

Allergic reactions
Hives, skin rash, itchy throat, sneezing and swelling can affect those taking penis enlargement pills. These side effects don’t always reveal themselves right away. Some men have reported using the enhancement supplements for over a month before they started having severe allergic reactions.

At this point it is safe to say that penis enlargement/ sexual enhancement supplements are not very safe. If you or your loved one is serious about real enlargement and enhancement, the most effective and safe route would be with an experienced medical professional like New York’s Dr. Elliot Heller here at Allure Plastic Surgery Center. Call 1 (866)477-2023 for a personal consultation.

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Penile Lengthening Surgeon, Dr. Heller Describes the Procedure

Image Source
Penile Lengthening Surgeon New York

New York City, NY – Penile lengthening surgery has become more and more common over the years and is a procedure that has been performed for over 40 years. Men all over the world are searching for ways to gain confidence between the sheets and to fully satisfy their partners. A recent study of college age males shows that the average penis size is between 5-7 inches erect. 10% of men have larger erect penises than 7 inches and 10% had penises that were smaller than 7 inches erect.
Some Statistics

In 2015 a study by the Public Library of Science showed that heterosexual women prefer their long term partners to have a penis 6.3 inches in length. The same study also showed that women prefer a slightly longer penis of 6.4 inches for one time sexual encounters. That being said, it’s safe to say there has never been a shortage of men who wish that they had a longer penis. One of the most effective ways to reach the goal of having a longer penis is to have penile lengthening surgery.
The Procedure

Most people are not aware that about half of the penis is located inside of the body. The part of the penis that is inside the body is attached to the suspensory ligament and causes the penis to curve with the pubic bone. Penile lengthening procedure consists of surgically cutting the suspensory ligament and allowing the penis to drop away from the pubic bone to the outside of the body. By cutting the suspensory ligament the penis will also be at a much different angle because it is no longer at a curve with the pubic bone. This allows the penis to look much longer while flaccid. After the procedure is complete the penis must be wrapped with doctor recommended medical grade wraps.
Follow-up Recommendations

After the two week period of wrapping the penis, men are instructed to use the provided stretching device. The stretching is a very necessary part of this procedure to ensure that the penis doesn’t retract, allowing the suspensory ligament to heal itself into the previous position. Once the penis is completely healed from the operation, on average, most men see growth of up to 2.5 inches. This leaves patients much more confident sexually and they live with better quality of life.

If you are in the New York area and seeking penile enhancement, including penile lengthening surgery, call Dr. Heller at 1 (866) 477-2023. He also performs penis widening, scrotal lift, circumcision and more.

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The Best Gift for Father’s Day? A Healthy Boost of Male Enhancement

Image Source
PRP-Shot and Male Enhancement NY
Manhattan, NY – This Father’s Day, you might want to consider an alternative to the tie and specialty golf club. Instead, why not consider something a little less tangible, like male confidence? That type of self-esteem can’t be found in a bottle and it won’t result from an outfit or new hairstyle. There are few things that can boost one’s confidence in a major way, but various male enhancement procedures can certainly do the trick.

What Does Male Enhancement Mean?
The term male enhancement refers to one or more procedures that are intended to widen, lengthen, or otherwise improve the size of a man’s penis. There are both surgical and non-surgical techniques, and each has a different effect on the size and/or performance of the penis.

Here is a brief rundown of the procedures that can make for a long-lasting and life improving gift for the special man in your life this Father’s Day.

Surgical & Non-Surgical Male Enhancement Procedures
Scrotal Enhancement, Lift or Web Release: Giving a man more confidence doesn’t just have to involve his penis size. In some cases, the man may wish to attain a more youthful scrotum. In some cases, the scrotum attaches a little too high on the penis shaft, making the penis appear shorter than it actually is. A Scrotal web release can help make the penis appear longer, and thus help the man feel more confident in the bedroom and out. These procedures cost from $1000 and up.

PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma therapy involves the extraction of the man’s blood before the platelets are extracted and added to a special solution. The solution is then injected into the man’s penis to stimulate regrowth of new cells and the repair of existing cells. This procedure, which costs between $1000 and $2000, is one of the best ways to achieve male enhancement all-naturally.

Circumcision: It may be that the man in your life feels self-conscious because he’s uncircumcised. Many men are circumcised as babies. When a man goes his adult life with his foreskin intact, not only can it cause him embarrassment, but it can often lead to an increase in penis infections and the increased risk of cervical cancer in female partners. A circumcision by a New York plastic surgeon will run from $3500 and up.

Penile Lengthening: If the length of the man’s penis is an issue, there are several options, and each procedure will lead to a different aesthetic and physiological effect. A ligament release, for example, is a surgical technique that substantially increases penile length by releasing the ligament hidden within the body. This effectively releases a full one-third of the penis that was otherwise hidden.

A pubic lift if for men with excessive fat on their pubic area, which can also hide some of a man’s visible length. Pubic liposuction is yet another option for men who experience FUPA or fatty upper pubic area.

These procedures cost between $2500 and $5000 and up, and will give a man considerably more length, which can ultimately cause his confidence to swell.

Penile Widening: Some men are happy with their penis length, but the width of their penis leaves a lot to be desired. For these men, there are also procedures that give the penis more girth. A fat transfer or fat harvest and injection is a procedure whereby the plastic surgeon removes fat from another area of the man’s body, such as the midsection, and transfers it into the penis.
Fat is the preferred medium to transfer into the penis, but what if the man doesn’t have any fat to remove? In those instances, the plastic surgeon can use one of a variety of non-surgical dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma, and permanent Bellafil.

Using fat and fillers, the man can increase the girth of his penis by approximately 40%!

Furthermore, the fat transfer or dermal filler procedure can be repeated for a full 75% increase in penis width. That would be some Father’s Day present. Penile widening procedures start at around $1000 and go up to about $6000, depending on procedure and desired effects.

Glanular Enhancement: The man in your life may benefit from a glans or head enhancement, which uses the same FDA fillers as the penis widening procedure for a 10-minute injection that will give the head a more swollen appearance.

A Sensitive Topic Deserves a Delicate Touch
The best way to approach the man in your life with a male enhancement gift is to listen to his needs and find out what his insecurities are. If more youthful genitals, a bigger or wider penis are in his wheelhouse of dreams, you can actually make those dreams come true with a single consultation.

Dr. Elliot Heller of Allure Plastic Surgery Center is a plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgeon operating in the New York area.

Call 8-66-477-2023 and schedule a meeting with Dr. Heller today. This Father’s Day, you just may give the most important man in your life a gift as invaluable as any other: The gift of supreme confidence. Schedule today and ask about the PRP-Shot, a non-surgical technique that offers the fast and easy way to stronger and longer-lasting erections!

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More Men Opting for Penis Fillers for Enlargement and Enhancement

Image Source
Non-Surgical Male Enhancement New York
New York, NY – With 90% of partners preferring a wider penis, according to the University of Texas, more men are looking for a way to enhance what nature gave him. There is always penis enhancement surgery, but some men want ,a painless and non-surgical technique to attain a wider member. For these men, penis fillers seem to be the answer.

What Are Penis Fillers?
A penis filler, in general terms, is a substance that is injected into the shaft and glans of the penis to increase its size. The fillers used include Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma, and Bellafil, the latter of which offers more permanent results. Some plastic surgeons, like Dr. Elliot Heller, serving all five boroughs in New York, prefer to remove fat from a part of the person’s body, such as the abdomen, and then use that fat to plump-up the penis. But in cases where no fat is available, a dermal filler provides a quick fix.

“Fillers using fat are preferred, because the fat comes from the patient’s own body. Therefore, it’s completely non-toxic and won’t trigger any allergic reactions. It’s all-natural, which many of my patients love,” said Dr. Heller. “But dermal fillers are also completely safe, FDA approved, and are very popular when the patient’s own fat isn’t an option.”

Whichever substance is used, the surgeon will use a tiny needle to inject the material under the skin of the penis. The procedure takes one hour and can increase the width of the penis by 40% in circumference. Repeat procedures can increase penis girth by up to 75%!
The Results
With nearly a quarter increase in width, men are said to enjoy more self-esteem and better sex lives. The results will last as long as a year and sometimes longer. It all depends on the patient and how slowly or quickly the all-natural filler resorbs into the body.

Using injectable fillers for penis enlargement is non-surgical in nature and virtually painless, thanks to a numbing cream the surgeon will use on the penis skin prior to the injections being administered.

There is also no downtime. Patients can be in and out of the office in a couple of hours, and the patient can return to normal activities, including sex, within 48 hours. There may be slight bruising, but any effects will diminish in a week or two.

What’s more, many men report feeling more satisfied with their procedures because there is little stress involved. As Dr. Heller comments, “It’s a simple procedure and patients are in and out, yet the effects can enhance the quality of their lives.”

To learn more about dermal fillers and fat injections for male enhancement purposes, contact Allure Plastic Surgery Center, where Dr. Heller offers a free consultation.

About Dr. Elliot Heller: A renowned New York Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Elliot Heller has also become an expert in the PRP-Shot, Filler Male Enhancement, and Penis Enlargement Surgery. He has offices throughout New York and offers free consultations for any man who desires more penis length, girth, or performance using surgical and non-surgical male enhancement techniques.

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Who Needs Apples? There’s a Better Way to Keep the Dr. Away

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Health Benefits to An Active Sex Life
New York City, NY – Sex is not only enjoyable, but it can actually keep you healthy. Finally, something fun is good for you. In fact, the advantages of sex range from lowering stress levels to reducing your risk of cancer and heart attacks. Sex isn’t just for intimacy and bonding with your partner. It can also reduce anxiety and boosts your overall health.

Increased Immune System – Having an active sex life can raise your body’s ability to produce protective antibodies. These are the guys that fight against bacteria, viruses, and other germs. Of course, a balanced diet, exercising and getting enough sleep also contribute to having robust and healthy defenses against contagious illnesses, but that’s not as fun to talk about.

Improved Sleep – Orgasms stimulate the release of a hormone called prolactin, which is a natural sleep aid. This hormone is the reason you feel relaxed and fall asleep after having sex. See, it’s not just that you don’t want to snuggle.

Improved Libido Having sex can even increase your desire to have sex. Enough said, right?

Lowered Blood Pressure – Millions of people suffer from high blood pressure, and studies show having sex could be a way to help you lower it. Of course, intercourse cannot replace medication, but it’s definitely a fun addition to your health regimen.

Gets You Active – Sex burns five times as many calories as sitting on the couch. It increases your heart rate and engages various muscle groups. Unfortunately, it can’t compare to an intense gym workout, but what an excellent way to get some extra physical activity.

Healthier Heart – I doubt you need another reason to pop that little blue pill, but we’re going to give you one. Sexual activity helps regulate testosterone levels. When these hormones are out of whack, conditions like heart disease and osteoporosis could develop. One study in men showed that those who had sex at least twice a week were 50% less likely to die from heart disease than their less sexually active peers. They also died a lot happier.

Reduced Risk of Prostate Cancer – Men who had frequent ejaculations (described as 21 or more a month) were less likely to develop prostate cancer than those with fewer ejaculations. Technically, it didn’t matter if the ejaculations happened through intercourse, masturbation, or nocturnal emissions, but you don’t have to tell your partner that.

There you have it, seven awesome benefits to having regular sex, defined as one to two bouts per week. Next time your partner is “not in the mood” it might be worth seeing if these perks can change their mind!

Ask About the P-Shot and Fillers

Did you know that you can get a boost in the bedroom thanks to the P-Shot? Otherwise called the Priapus shot, this simple injection can increase your vigor and sensitivity while improving the sensation of orgasms. And dermal fillers can add more length and width to your penis. Ask about them today.

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Male Enhancement Surgery vs. Non-Surgery

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Male Enhancement Surgery vs. Non-Surgery NY
New York City, NY – It’s common for many men to worry about the length and girth of their penis. In fact, there is evidence that a man’s penis size can directly affect his level of self-esteem.

When a man feels that his penis may not measure up in comparison to others, it’s increasingly common to begin considering various gadgets and devices in the hopes of increasing penis size. Some men turn to temporary options, such as penis pumps or extenders. Others may attempt to try DIY penis lengthening exercises that carry a potential risk of causing permanent damage to your little buddy if you get the exercises wrong.

Fortunately, there are some proven options available for enhancing the overall size, length and girth of any penis. Male enhancement solutions can begin with simple non-surgical treatments that provide immediate effects. Other solutions may involve surgery for more permanent results.

Dr. Elliot Heller of the Allure Plastic Surgery Center in New York City has years’ of experience helping men achieve the results they want when enhancing their manhood. Dr. Heller also advises that there are several penis enlargement options available for men.

Non-Surgical Penis Enhancement Options

PRP Shot: The PRP Shot (PRP-shot) is a drug-free injection that can immediately enhance penis girth by up to 20%. The shot is virtually painless and can improve penis sensitivity, producing a rock-hard erection that lets you enjoy more vigor.

Surgical Penis Enlargement Options

Penis Lengthening Surgery: Specialized penile surgery can extend the length of a penis permanently by up to an additional 2 inches. The surgical procedure involves releasing the ligament that hides much of the penis’ real length inside the body.

Penile Widening Surgery: Penile widening surgery involves creating more girth around the penis by removing excess fat from the abdomen or thigh before injecting it carefully into the penis.

Pubic lift and liposuction: Much of the penis’ real length can sometimes be hidden within the folds of the lower abdomen. Performing a pubic lift and liposuction can reduce the size of the abdomen, resulting in more penis length showing externally.

The key to determining the correct procedure is to discuss the options available with a specialist penis enhancement surgeon before making a decision. Depending on your specific needs, it may be possible to use non-surgical options to create impressive results, while others may prefer to combine different penile enhancement treatments to create a more permanent effect.

To learn more about penis enlargement solutions in Staten Island, Manhattan or New York City or just to chat about how we can help you, contact New York Penis Enhancement Surgeons on 866-477-2023 or email us via our
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About Dr. Heller: Dr. Elliot Heller is a specialist penile enhancement surgeon in New York City with years’ of experience helping men achieve their goals of enhanced penis size.

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