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Factors That Can Affect Penis Size

Male ModelNew York, NY – The size of a man’s penis is linked to his self-image and idea of his masculinity and virility. But are there things that you might be doing that can negatively affect the size of your penis?

“You may not realize it, but there are certainly things you may be doing, or did during your adolescence, that affect the size of your penis,” says NY plastic surgeon Dr. Elliot Heller. “Your hormone levels, diet and whether you are a smoker or not can have an impact on your penis size.”

Hormone Levels
Testosterone is the hormone responsible for bringing about puberty, and gives men their male characteristics. It triggers the growth of facial hair, deepens the voice, and helps the penis to grow. Penis size increases between the ages of 12 and 18.

“If men have lower testosterone levels during puberty, this could affect the size the penis grows to,” says Dr. Heller. “Some men may, later in life, attempt to spur additional growth through the use of anabolic steroids or exogenous testosterone. This should never be done on one’s own without the medical advice of a physician as it can negatively affect the testes and prostate. Studies that followed men who used these supplements for performance enhancement purposes found no significant increase in penis size. In fact, the average growth was only about one centimeter, and it was typically in girth because steroids increase blood volume.”

Just as the onset of testosterone can spur the growth of the penis, older men may notice a small decrease in their penis size as their testosterone levels wane. The average man will lose about a half an inch in penis size as he ages.

Smoking and Tobacco Use
A study out of the Boston University School of Medicine found that smoking can reduce the size of an erect penis. The study found that smoking can have the same effect on the penis as it does the heart. Because smoking inhibits blood flow, it negatively effects the man’s production of elastin, which is the substance that allows a man to have an erection.

You are what you eat – and your penis size can be directly related to your diet. A healthy diet during puberty and after can indirectly control your penis size. A healthy diet ensures proper blood flow, which is necessary in the groin area to ensure your penis grows and is able to become erect.

Foods that contain vasodilators are especially important as vasodilators keep the muscles in the blood vessels relaxed. Broccoli, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, salmon, eggs, milk and tuna are all excellent sources. Men should also eat diets high in fiber and low in saturated fats to reduce the ability of fatty deposits to accumulate and clog the arteries of the penis.

“Penis size is an important issue for men, and is key to how they feel about their body image,” says Dr. Heller, who regularly treats men through male enhancement surgery. “In one Australian study, four out of five men found their penis to be too small, and 45% of men had considered a penile enhancement procedure. I see men every day in my office who are negatively affected by what they believe to be a penis that is too small. Penile enhancement procedures get excellent results, but it is also important to be sure you avoid factors that could negatively affect your penis size.”

If you are one of the many men who feels your penis size is less than adequate, there are excellent options to help you gain back your confidence. Schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Heller today at 866-477-2023 to learn more about your options.

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Do You Suffer From Hidden Penis Syndrome?

Male SurgeryNew York, NY – Do you worry about the size of your penis? When you look in the mirror, do you see excess skin in your pubic area? If so, you may suffer from something sometimes referred to as hidden penis syndrome.

“If you carry excess weight in your pubic region, or have excess skin in the area, you may be hiding part of your penis,” says Dr. Elliot Heller, an expert in male enhancement surgery. “But there is a great solution that can provide a great result, and increase your self-esteem – a pubic lift.”

What is a pubic lift?
A pubic lift will remove excess or hanging skin in the pubic region, while also lifting the area to make more of the penis visible. This will result in the appearance of a longer penis, because you’ve removed the skin that was causing obstruction.

Weight gain and aging can result in an enlarged fat pad in the pubic area. Even after weight loss, you may still find that excess fat and tissue remains, and in turn, your penis looks smaller.

“A buried penis is something men often grow concerned with as they age,” says Dr. Heller. “But it’s not your penis that is shrinking, it is your fat pad that is growing.”

Dr. Heller can use liposuction and a pubic lift to give the allusion of a penis enlargement. The procedure can also be combined with a tummy tuck to provide beautiful and natural contouring.

The decision to undergo plastic surgery is an important one, and surgery on the genitalia is a sensitive topic. Dr. Heller takes great care to keep all information confidential and private, while maintaining your comfort.

A pubic lift and liposuction are performed under general anesthesia. During the procedure, Dr. Heller will remove unwanted fat and skin to achieve the appearance discussed with the patient. The average patient is back to work in a week, and recovers fully within six weeks.

“Whenever there is an enlarged fat pad, it will hide some of the penis,” says Dr. Heller. “But a pubic lift and liposuction are great ways to help you regain your confidence by removing that excess fat to show more of your penis.”

If you are interested in a consultation to discuss a pubic lift, liposuction or other penis enlargement procedure, call Dr. Heller today at 866-477-2023.

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Want to Look More Like David Beckham?

Male enhancementNew York City, NY – David Beckham is best known as a soccer superstar, but in recent years he has become famous for something else. Revealing underwear ads have shown his substantial “package.”

“It may sound silly, but a lot of men have been seeking out enhancement surgery since Beckham’s underwear ads started airing,” says cosmetic surgeon Dr. Elliot Heller. “Seeing the women in their lives swooning over the soccer star’s looks have encouraged men to visit my office to talk about increasing their penis size or girth.”

Women frequently site wanting certain features of their favorite celebrity when seeking out plastic surgery, and penile enhancement surgery is no different. If you can get Halle Berry’s cheekbones or Kate Middleton’s nose, why not David Beckham’s penis size?

The popularity in phalloplasty procedures has increased in recent years as the stigma associated with plastic surgery has been lifted. And with David Beckham suddenly appearing on billboards and TVs everywhere in his skivvies, men who may have felt self-conscious about their own manhood are flocking to the surgeon’s office.

“While I can’t make you look just like Beckham, I can increase your size to make you more confident,” says Dr. Heller. “The average penis enlargement surgery can add one to two inches in length, while a fat transfer or Allograft Dermal Matrix Graft can increase your width by up to 30 percent.”

Most people don’t realize that about half of the length of the penis is actually located inside the body. The suspensory ligament attached is to the pubic bone. When this ligament is released in surgery, the patient will see an increase in length outside their body. The longer the penis is to begin with, the more the gain could potentially be.

If you have spent years worrying if the size of your penis measures up, now is the time to consider phalloplasty. Dr. Heller is an experienced surgeon who realizes the topic is sensitive, so he treats each patient with sensitivity, guaranteeing confidentiality throughout the process. His patients are comfortable with him, and most importantly, love the results they achieve through Dr. Heller’s procedures.

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What is Glanular Enhancement?

male enhancement surgeryManhattan, NY – Do you wonder if you might benefit from male enhancement surgery? The good news is, you’re not alone and there are more options than ever before in the world of penile enhancement. Dr. Elliot Heller is a New York specialist who explains how one technique, glanular enhancement, might benefit you.

The term glans refers to the rounded head of the penis. It feels spongy, due to the cap of the corpus spongiosum, which is the cylinder that surrounds the male urethra. Within the penis are two cylindrical, erectile bodies call the corpora cavernosa. They run parallel to the corpus spongiosum, and the glans surrounds and covers them. The size of the glans varies greatly from male to male, in proportion to the size of the penis.

When a male experiences an erection, the blood flow to the corpus spongiosum increases, causing the glans of the penis to become erect. This happens at the same time the rest of the penis becomes erect. Because there is a large network of nerves inside the glans, it is the most sensitive part of the penis. Because of this, many men benefit greatly from a glanular enhancement procedure.

Glanular enhancement isn’t a widely used technique in the penis enlargement world, and is one that has only been perfected by a few surgeons and Dr. Heller is one of them. A patient can choose between permanent or temporary enhancement. The temporary option will require maintenance to keep the desired size, however. If the patient opts for permanent enhancement, a plastic surgeon will use a graft of the patient’s own skin or AlloDerm to increase the size.

In the permanent surgery, the surgeon must first create a space for the graft within the glans of the penis. The placement will depend on if the patient is simply having a glanular enlargement procedure or that in conjunction with a penile widening procedure. The graft section that is used to enlarge the glans must fit appropriately into the pockets the surgeon developed in the glans.

Depending on the size of the grafts used during the surgery, glanular enhancement can increase the circumference of the head of the penis. The use of an AlloDerm graft can yield up to a 30 percent increase in the flare of the glans. The average increase is typically 15-20 percent. The procedure typically takes about an hour.

If performed in conjunction with a penile widening, there will be no need for extra incisions and there will be no need to use a penile stretching device to achieve the best results.

There are several benefits to this type of procedure. The first is that men no longer have to feel they may be inadequate due to the size of their penis. Additionally, because the glans is the most sensitive part of the penis, having it increase in size means there is a greater area to feel sensation in.

If you feel like you might be a good candidate for glanular enhancement, or if you’re interested in learning more about other penis enlargement procedures, call Dr. Heller’s office today.

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