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PRP-Shot for Natural Penis Enhancement In New York

Dr. Elliot Heller, a NY plastic surgeon, offers a revolutionary male enhancement procedure.

New York, NY – The PRP-Shot is a revolutionary new procedure that provides a natural way to enhance and enlarge penis size without the need for surgical procedures.

It’s common for many men to struggle with self-esteem problems based on the perceived size of their penis. Some may perceive their penis size to be smaller than average, while others may only want to enhance what they already have. There are also some who may have concerns or anxiety about performance issues.

For those men who aren’t keen on the concept of male enhancement surgery, choosing a natural procedure such as the PRP-shot offers immediate results in the two to four weeks. In many cases, building the underlying tissue of the penis using the PRP-Shot can potentially achieve a 10 to 20% increase in both penis length and girth.

What is The Priapus Shot?

The procedure takes only minutes to complete and is virtually pain-free. The PRP-shot cost is significantly more affordable than comparable surgical options.

“The PRP Shot is an amazing technique that allows men to achieve real enhancement without the need for surgery,” says Dr. Elliot Heller, a NY plastic surgeon and specialist penile enhancement surgeon. “The procedure is also known as platelet-rich plasma treatment and is designed to give men a natural male enhancement option that provides great results.”

The injection uses the body’s blood-derived growth factors. The logical solution also means men don’t face the risk of experiencing allergic reactions.

How The PRP-Shot Works

The procedure is quick and virtually painless. A numbing lidocaine cream is first applied to the penis to ensure maximum comfort before the treatment. Blood is then drawn from the patient’s arm to be placed into a centrifuge to separate out the platelets, which are then combined with a calcium chloride solution designed to stimulate the platelets to release growth factors. The resulting mixture is then injected into the penis.

Immediately following the procedure, the majority of men notice immediate and impressive results. In the two to four weeks following the PRP-shot, many men will see a visible increase in penis size.

The PRP-shot is most commonly used by men wishing to enhance the girth and virility of their penis. However, Dr. Heller also treats patients who may suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), as the procedure can help men achieve proper erections.

“The shot strengthens the penis and encourages proper blood circulation, which can provide additional help for men suffering from symptoms of ED,” says Dr. Heller. “More of the platelet solution can also be injected into certain areas of the penis to further enhance penis appearance.”

Dr. Heller is widely known for his revolutionary penis enlargement techniques that not only increase penis length and girth but also help improve sensitivity levels, help to achieve harder erections and boost virility.

For anyone seeking to increase penis size or regain lost sensitivity, contact Dr. Heller on (866) 477-2023 or email via the Contact Us page to schedule a consultation today.