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PRP-Shot for Natural Penis Enhancement In New York

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Contact Allure Plastic Surgery Center and Dr. Elliot Heller to learn about the Priapus shot, which is a non-surgical male enhancement technique that is ideal for increasing penis width and sensitivity. The Priapus shot, also referred to as the P-Shot or PRP-Shot, is virtually pain-free and takes only a few minutes. In fact, the procedure can be performed on your lunch break before you return to work.
With five locations throughout New York and New Jersey, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Heller for this revolutionary male enhancement procedure.

How the Priapus Shot Helps with Penis Size & Sensitivity

The Priapus Shot was designed to enhance sexual performance and pleasure. Once administered, the solution goes to work improving vascular function and improving nerve sensitivity. The Priapus shot can even help with erectile dysfunction.
If you suffer from poor vascular health, anxiety or other side effects from medication, and nerve degradation, you could benefit greatly from the Priapus shot.
Here’s how it works.

The Priapus Shot Procedure – NYC

Ensuring Extreme Comfort
Dr. Heller will first listen to your concerns before deciding if the Priapus shot is ideal for your male enhancement needs and goals. If you are deemed to be a good candidate for the treatment, Dr. Heller will administer the PRP solution.
The procedure is quick and painless. First, a numbing lidocaine cream will be applied to your penis. This ensures maximum comfort before the procedure begins.

Preparing Your Blood’s Growth Factors

Dr. Heller will then draw your blood, usually from a spot on your arm. Your blood will be placed into a centrifuge to separate the “platelets.”
The platelets in your blood are where growth factors are found. They’re responsible for healing your body and growing younger, fresher cells. Once your platelets are singled out, they will be combined with a special calcium chloride solution. The solution helps the platelets release their growth factors, which is where male enhancement comes into play.

Injecting PRP & Their Immediate Effects
The platelets and sodium chloride mixture will then be injected into the penis, where the solution will immediately begin going to work. You may have heard of stem cells and how amazing they are at helping people feel and look more youthful. This is the same effect that PRP has on the penis. The cells will heal and become newer and fresher while blood circulation begins to improve steadily over time.
However, you should notice effects immediately following the procedure. In fact, many men report instant and impressive results to both their penis size and sensitivity. However, the effects of the Priapus shot don’t stop there.
Results During & After Healing
The PRP solution will continue to work even after you’ve left Dr. Heller’s office. Most men claim they continue to see impressive results to their penis and their sensitivity levels for up to two to four weeks following the PRP-Shot procedure.
You might also notice an improvement to your sexual ability and stamina, an improvement to prostate issues and incontinence, and more.

Why Use the PRP-Shot?

The Priapus shot is ideal for men who want more girth and virility. However, in some cases, Dr. Heller will use the PRP-Shot as a treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) and men who desire firmer and larger erections. That’s because the shot improves blood circulation and your penis’s ability to trap that blood to give your erections the rigidity you need to enjoy intercourse once more.
Dr. Heller is widely known for his revolutionary penis enhancement techniques, that include the P-Shot, for not only increasing penis length and girth, but also improving erections, virility, and overall confidence. Ask Dr. Heller about the P-Shot and other male enhancement techniques if size and greater sexual enjoyment are your overall goals.

The History of the P-Shot
The Priapus Shot was first introduced by Dr. Charles Runels. In the year 2003, the P-Shot was first recorded as being used for male enhancement purposes. News of the treatment spread quickly and it was said that men could gain up to 10% to 20% in length and girth. Years later, we know this to be true, but keep in mind that results can vary from man-to-man based on a number of factors, namely genetics and lifestyle factors.
Since the early 2000s, the P-Shot has increased in popularity with men desiring more fullness and virility. The best part about this treatment is takes such little time, less than 30-minutes to be exact, and there’s minimal discomfort or downtime.
The injection is simple and can result in amazing effects, such as improvements to sexual arousal and help with erectile dysfunction.

Is the P-Shot Safe to Administer?
Yes! Many men have already benefitted from this incredibly safe and effective procedure. When administered by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Heller, the Priapus shot is painless and effective for helping you achieve your male enhancement goals. PRP is so effective that is has been described in over 20,000 published studies as a safe and effective treatment with few reported complications.
The best part about the PRP shot is that it uses your own blood plasma and platelets, which means that you won’t react negatively against the serum and it’ll go to work immediately repairing, healing, and helping you gain more size while improving nerve sensation.
How to Ensure the Best Results with the Priapus Shot
To get the most penis size and sensitivity gains with the P-Shot, it is recommended that you schedule a follow-up with Dr. Heller to ensure the treatment’s effectiveness. In some cases, Dr. Heller might recommend a second P-Shot injection for even greater gains in the future.
Gains from the P-Shot can continue for 8 to 12 weeks following the initial PRP injection.

How Much Does the P-Shot Cost?

While many men could benefit from the Priapus shot, unfortunately the procedure is not covered by medical insurance. The shot tends to cost between $1200 and $1800. However, the investment is minimal when you consider all the gains you’ll receive. And, unlike medications to treat ED, for example, there are no prescriptions to fill or refill. The expense is minimal and yet the advantages are numerous. Ask Dr. Heller about the cost of PRP today.

Who is a Good Candidate for the P-Shot (PRP-Shot)?

Dr. Heller has successfully performed the Priapus shot procedure on men of all ages. You may be an excellent candidate for the P-Shot if you desire:
· Stronger Erections: The PRP-Shot promotes healing and positive blood flow, which helps your erections remain firmer and last longer. If you have problems with erectile dysfunction or weak erections, this treatment may be ideal for you.
· Greater Sensitivity: If you can’t feel much during intimacy, it could be a lack of nerve reception and blood circulation, both of which are helped by the P-Shot. Imagine feeling sensitivity you enjoyed when you were younger. This is all possible with PRP.
· Greater Penis Gains: The P-Shot can add length and width to your penis, making it appear fuller with far more girth. A second P-Shot can improve these gains even more. While results may vary, ask Dr. Heller about the penis size gains you can expect when you opt for this revolutionary male enhancement procedure.
· Suffer from Prostate Problems: If you were diagnosed with an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer, the P-Shot may be able to help. The Priapus shot has known to help men with prostate problems experience less discomfort and more enjoyment out of life.
· Want to Discard ED Medication: If you were placed on erectile dysfunction medication by your doctor and wish to discontinue, or your medication has stopped working as well, the P-Shot may be able to reverse the effects of ED to give you stronger erections without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. PRP is all natural and is derived from your own platelet rich plasma, which means no drugs are required to give you immediate and amazing male enhancement effects.

Combine the PRP-Shot with Other Male Enhancement Procedures
When you arrive for your initial consultation with Dr. Heller and tell him about your male enhancement goals, he will tell you about various procedures that may be beneficial to you. These may include a ligament release or transdermal fat injection to increase penis length and width.
These penis enlargement techniques can also be used in conjunction with the P-Shot to add even more length, width, and positive gains. With immediate effects and greater additions and sensitivity for weeks to come, you could find yourself gaining as you heal.
Ask Dr. Heller about the P-Shot used in combination with other male enlargement procedures at your first appointment.

Your First Consultation
Dr. Heller wants to know that you are a good candidate for the Priapus shot. If you are deemed to be an ideal candidate, Dr. Heller will schedule your procedure. In some cases, the procedure can be performed at that time, since the shot is quick and goes to work right away.
Your Follow Up Visit
After the initial injection, Dr. Heller will typically schedule a secondary appointment, where the effects of the P-Shot will be assessed to ensure you received maximum gains. A second P-Shot may be recommended, which can add even greater length, width, and penis sensitivity.
In some cases, you will find that the Priapus shot is an effective treatment for Pyronie’s disease, which causes the penis to curve. With the healing effects of PRP, you may be able to enjoy a straighter penis for greater sexual enjoyment.
Let Us Answer Your Questions About the PRP-Shot
To learn more about the effects of this simple and cost-effective treatment for ED and for attaining greater penis size and sensitivity, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Elliot Heller at Allure Plastic Surgery Center.
We have five locations, in Staten Island, Manhattan, Middlesex County, Somerset County, and Monmouth County. That means that no matter where you live in New York or New Jersey, the solution to your male discrepancy problem only a phone call and short drive away.
Call our office today to schedule your first P-Shot appointment and experience greater size, more sexual enjoyment, and freedom from ED using the incredible power of platelet rich plasma. We have representatives standing by to accept your call. Your initial consultation awaits!