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Can Weight Affect Your Penis Size?

Too FatNew York, NY – If you’ve gained a few pounds, especially around the middle, do you have a feeling your penis is shrinking? While that’s not actually happening, your weight does affect penis size – or at least how your penis appears.

“What we term as a ‘pot-belly’ can absolutely have an effect on perceived penis size,” says Dr. Elliot Heller, a New York plastic surgeon.

“Carrying extra weight doesn’t make your penis shrink, it just makes it look as if it has. Everyone has what is known as a fat pad in the pubic area.

Typically, the heavier you are, the larger this fat pad will be. And because the pad surrounds the penis, the larger the fat pad is, the smaller your penis will look.”

That means that when you lose weight, you’re decreasing the amount of fat that is around your penis. As the fat pad decreases in size, it will appear that your penis is growing in size.

In fact, some studies have shown that for every 30-50 pounds lost, men can expect to see one inch of added length to their penis that was previously lost to the fat pad.

So, if you are beginning to become self-conscious about your penis size, first look to the size of your belly. If it’s grown, chances are good if you lose weight, you’ll see your penis size come back to its normal self.

“Our weight affects our entire bodies,” says Dr. Heller, who regularly performs penis enlargement procedures. “For my patients, it’s important that they be at a healthy weight to get the best results possible from their procedure – and then they have to maintain that weight.

Men can have excellent results from their penile lengthening procedure with me, adding one or two inches, and increasing their confidence and self-esteem.

But, if they don’t take care of their bodies and begin to gain weight, the gains they achieved during the procedure will begin to be lost.”

Dr. Heller has a high satisfaction rate among his male enhancement surgery patients. His penile lengthening and widening procedures allow men to tackle their lives with confidence again.

But, it’s important that any patient considering such a procedure also understands the relationship between weight and penis size.

“If you’ve gone to the lengths to come to my office, I want you to fully understand everything that can affect penis size,” says Dr. Heller. “And keeping yourself at a healthy weight will offer you the best chance at maintaining your desired penis size, and maintaining your confidence.”


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