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Male Enhancement Reviews

Al, 35 from Jackson, NJ | Patient Experience No. 1

I knew I had to do something when I caught my wife of six years cheating.  She cried and said, “I never meant for this to happen!”

She explained to me that she cared for me but the chemistry just wasn’t there any longer and that’s when I realized something had to be done about the size of my small penis.  I knew this was causing problems since she had told me before that she had researched penile enhancement surgery with Dr. Elliot Heller, however, I did not pay attention to her.

After researching, I felt super comfortable with Dr. Elliot Heller!  He explained all the different options that he offers and I went ahead with the ligament release which gave me length and the fat harvest & injection which gave me the girth I always wanted.

Although my marriage didn’t work out, my sex life is so much better now, and the chemistry with my new partner is amazing!

Anthony, 28 from Staten Island, NY | Patient Experience No. 2

I have always been a shorter skinnier guy but never thought my penis size was affecting my sex life until one of the girls I had a relationship with told me she had to fake her orgasm during intercourse because she barely felt anything. I was embarrassed and knew I needed to do some research on surgeons in my area who could help me.

After doing research, I found Dr. Heller. After viewing before and after photos and some basic information on this procedure, I called in for a free consultation. I then spoke with Dr. Heller about the length and girth enlargement options and was very pleased with the ligament release surgery with the dermal graft implant option.

After having both procedures I was very pleased to go from 5 inches to 6.5 inches, and the girth from a 6.0 inch in girth to a 7.5-inch girth. I am very content with my results and I feel like a newborn man, everything still feels natural in both states which I am pleased with. And as for the girl who almost broke up with me, she is loving the changes that I made.

Mark, 30 from NEew York, NY | Patient Experience No. 3

I never had a problem with girth pleasing my women but didn’t have the length I wished I had and also didn’t have circumcision.

After doing research, I came across Dr. Heller’s office. I was happy to learn that circumcisions were available for men and also learned about the ligament release for length. I called up and inquired about the penile enhancement procedures and was pleased to learn there were multiple locations available in New York and consultations were complimentary.

After meeting with Dr. Heller, I was prepared to go ahead with the penis enlargement surgery. I felt little pain, and the recovery process was fast. I love the new look and the new length. My size went up from 4 inches to 6 inches in length. I am now the most confident I have ever been before.

Robert, 43 from Staten Island, NY | Patient Experience No. 4

I always felt insecure about my penis size. It started in my school years, and I never left it behind. I searched about which procedure to do for a long time, and I wasted a ton of money on bogus solutions online. I tried penis pumps, enhancement pills, exercise, etc. None of them gave me the type of results I wanted. When I finally decided to have a penis enlargement surgery performed, I did a lot of research. It was very confusing to read all of these different doctor’s websites and see them basically contradicting each other about what was the best option out there. When I came across Dr. Heller’s website, I appreciated how clear it was, and I liked that there was no bashing of other procedures. The free consultation was the reason I finally decided to go in and talk to a specialist.

My consultation was very informative. I didn’t think that Dr. Heller was forcing any particular procedure on me. He suggested many options for me, had a ton of before and after enlargement photos, and answered all of my questions. Of course, I forgot a few questions, but when I called back, the girls there were very understanding and helpful and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable for asking. This is what they do every day.

Still, I wasn’t yet completely sure if I was ready to move forward. So, I did a virtual consultation with another doctor. It was nice to have other men asking questions that I wouldn’t have thought of, but I was concerned that the doctor was not available, in person, every week. What if I had a problem after the procedure? That was really what helped me decide to move forward with Dr. Heller. He was not only in his office every week, but he was available by phone to all of his surgery patients 24 hours a day after their surgery.

Finally, I decided to have the ligament release done with Dr. Heller. He was the only doctor on the East coast (practically the only doctor in the country) to offer this option. On the day of my surgery, I decided to add on the fat transfer, too. Go big, or go home! Right?

For such a stressful idea, the actual experience was very pleasant. The ladies at Allure Plastic Surgery were all very kind and informative, and Dr. Heller was always available and delivered beyond my expectations.

I ended up having 60cc’s of fat injection during my ligament release procedure, and I ended up going back one more time for the second injection of 30cc’s. I didn’t feel like I had much, if any, loss of fat but I wanted to make my penis as big as possible. If I was going to spend all this money, I wanted to make sure I got my money’s worth. I didn’t experience any lumping or problems like some of the other doctors talked about. I’m sure that’s because Dr. Heller has been doing this forever.  My penis went from 4.75 inches long to 6.25 inches and 3.5inches in girth to almost 6 inches. This was definitely the best decision I’ve ever made, and I would do it again in a heartbeat!