Dermal Fillers: Non-surgical Penis Enlargement Procedure with No Pain and No Downtime in New York and New Jersey

Dermal Fillers for Male Enhancement

Dermal Fillers is one of the most effective procedures for adding more penis length and width. Modern technology has taken dermal fillers to the next level. If you plan to make your penis wider and fuller, this is the ideal procedure to opt for. 

At the Allure Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Heller uses both long-term and permanent dermal fillers, as per the needs of the person. This non-surgical procedure is proven to give quick results. Composed of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and PMMA, the dermal fillers are scientifically formulated to increase volume and activate cell rejuvenation, resulting in a much-improved penis. 

About the Procedure

The non-surgical male enhancement procedure is carried out under topical and local anesthesia to minimize discomfort to the patient. The surgeon will identify 3-4 injection sites along the shaft of the penis and will sometimes inject the head of the penis as well. The use of the microcannula technique ensures enhanced safety. Dr. Heller performs the entire procedure with great precision and obtains superior results in gaining a wider and longer penis.


Recovery is immediate with a full range of normal activities permitted. However, we recommend patients abstain from sexual activities for about three days. 

Dermal fillers offer great sensitivity and control to increase the circumference of the penis.

Who is a Good Candidate for Dermal Fillers?

You are an ideal candidate for the dermal filler procedure if you feel the length and girth of your penis is inadequate. The purpose of the male enhancement procedure with the dermal filler technique is to increase the girth and length of the penis and boost your self-confidence. 

Other Male Enhancement Procedures

Apart from Derma Fillers, Dr. Heller also specializes in other effective male enhancement techniques such as ligament release, fat transfer, and PRP injections. These techniques also offer immediate and significant results.

Get in Touch with Dr. Heller

Appointments can be made either as an in-office consultation or a virtual phone consultation. Dr. Heller will determine your candidacy for the penis enlargement procedure and which procedure fits you best. Before in-clinic scheduling, you should reach out to Dr. Heller for an initial consultation over the phone. First of all, we’ll determine your candidacy for the penis enlargement procedure, which suits you best. 

Once the doctor determines your candidacy, you can move ahead for a detailed, private consultation with Dr. Heller. Due to their natural shyness, some people find it a little difficult to call the doctor’s office and schedule the initial consultation. Be confident that you’ll feel entirely at ease and comfortable discussing your issue with the doctor. Dr. Heller encourages all his patients to ask questions in order to obtain a good understanding of the procedure.

The Allure Plastic Surgery Center is located in multiple prominent locations including Manhattan, New York, Staten Island, New York, and Edison, New Jersey. Call Dr. Heller to find out how he can help you achieve a bigger, more natural, and more aesthetic penis for happy sex life.

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