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Ligament Release: A Highly Effective Surgical Procedure to Naturally Increase Penis Length

Ligament Release: Penis Lengthening

The length, circumference, and function of the penis have always remained issues of concern for men throughout the course of history. While there are multiple reasons and conditions that lead to the shortening of the penis, there are also many standardized procedures to increase its length. One of the simplest among them is ligament release. If you plan to increase the size of your penis in a natural way, this is an ideal form of surgical treatment to go for. In fact, there is no other penis lengthening method that is as effective as the ligament release.

Most of the candidates who choose to undergo ligament release surgery have a normal and functioning penis. If you desire to have a longer penis, ligament release procedure makes it both easy and quick.

What is Ligament Release?

To understand what ligament release actually means, you should first know about the ligaments that surround the penis.

The penis has two types of ligaments around it:

Suspensory Ligament:

The role of the pubic symphysis is to keep the penis close to the pubic bone as well as provide support for erection. The suspensory ligament remains attached to the pubic symphysis. So, the ligament doesn’t have a direct connection with the sponge-like erectile tissue of the penis.

Fundiform Ligament:

When the superficial fascia, which runs from the linea alba of the lower abdominal wall, thickens, it is called fundiform ligament of the penis. The ligament is situated around the sides of the penis. It is in the shape of slings that join at the base of the penis. The ligament exists on the surface of the suspensory ligament of the penis. It is found in females too.

The penis remains surrounded by fundiform and suspensory ligaments. These two ligaments hide the penis. Approximately, 1/3rd of the penis is hidden inside the body as a result of these ligaments. During the ligament release surgery, the surgeon releases both the suspensory and the fundiform ligaments to turn the hidden length into functional length. The surgical lengthening or releasing of the ligaments is an effective way to increase the length of the penis. 

This natural surgical procedure of penis enlargement is also referred to as suspensory ligament division surgery or ligamentolysis. Dr. Elliot Heller is an acclaimed surgeon for performing ligament release surgery.

Other Penile Lengthening Procedures

In addition to ligament release, Dr. Heller also specializes in a number of other penis enlargement or lengthening procedures such as dermal fillers, fat transfer, and platelet injections. He also uses a wide range of surgical and non-surgical methods to increase the length, girth, and function of the penis.

About the Procedure

Compared to other surgical procedures, ligament release for increasing penis length is simpler and quicker. More importantly, this procedure comes with the option of naturally increasing penile length.

In ligament release, the surgeon doesn’t add anything to the penis. All that the surgeon does is simply cut and release the suspensory and the fundiform ligament. So, you won’t notice any change in the sensitivity or the firmness of the penis. In most patients, the procedure results in an increase of 2-4 cm in the flaccid state. The surgeon can also forecast the increase before the procedure begins. The forecast is based on measuring the superficial section of the ligament. So, the increase in penis length depends on how much developed your ligament is. The technical duration for completion of the technique is under one hour. The surgeon conducts the ligament release procedure under spinal or general anesthesia to reduce discomfort. 

The ligament release method is the most effective penile lengthening treatment option available anywhere in the world. Results obtained from the procedure are not just substantial, but also apparent and long-lasting. Dr. Heller has in-depth knowledge and experience in carrying out the procedure. He works on the ligament with great precision to ensure maximum increase. 


As with other penis lengthening procedures, discharge in the case of ligament release happens on the same day. The recovery period for the ligament transection procedure is 2 days. Immediately following the recovery, you can return to most of the everyday activities without any difficulty. You can resume light exercise after one week of recovery. Any kind of strenuous activity or high-intensity exercise should be avoided for at least 1 month. Post-surgery, all patients are also advised by Dr. Heller to refrain from sexual activities for 3 weeks.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Ligament Release?

If you are unsatisfied with the length of your penis, you are a perfect candidate for the ligament release method. The treatment is also ideal for those who have a shorter penis due to genetic malformations. 

The goal of the ligament release procedure is to enhance your penis length while also boosting your self-confidence. 

Schedule Your Consultation with Dr. Elliot Heller

To start, you’ll need to first have a phone consultation with Dr. Heller at the Allure Plastic Surgery Center. It will allow you to have a preliminary discussion with the doctor and find out whether you are an ideal candidate. Once the doctor approves your candidacy, you can proceed to schedule your in-clinic consultation, which will happen in a private, comfortable setting.

If this is the first time you are going to talk to a doctor about your genitalia enhancement, you may feel a bit shy which is natural. 

Dr. Heller always ensures you feel confident talking about your specific needs in this regard. He is also friendly and you’ll start to feel comfortable right after the initial consultation over the phone. Dr. Heller is eager to answer as many questions from his patients as possible for proper understanding. 

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