Cons of Male Enhancement Pills and Their Disadvantage to Penis Enlargement Procedures

Cons of Male Enhancement Pills and Their Disadvantage to Penis Enlargement Procedures

If you worry about the size of your penis, you are not alone. Most men have this concern and desire to have a bigger penis. Even guys who have average-size penises look for enlargement. How you feel about the size of your penis can have a big effect on your sex life and your overall sense of well-being. The desire for a longer and thicker penis leads men to seek many options, the first of them being penile enlargement pills. You will see ads for these products all over the internet. These pills claim to increase the size and girth of the penis as well as improve blood flow for lasting longer in bed. But before you start to experiment with any of these sex pills, you should find out more about their effectiveness.

In this article, we’ll discuss the cons of penis enlargement pills and the kind of side effects they can bring. We will also discuss the risks associated with them as well as their disadvantage to penis enlargement.

What are Penis Enlargement Pills?

Also referred to as male enhancement pills or sex pills, these are dietary supplements that claim to increase the length and girth of the penis. Usually, they are composed of multiple vitamins, minerals, and herbs. There are several brands that manufacture and sell these products both on the internet and in supplement stores. However, they do not present any kind of scientific evidence.

These pills promise an enlarged penis in a short time. Most of these products come in attractive packaging but lack information (often obscured) about what ingredients were used to manufacture them.

“There are no pills or supplements out there that will increase the length and volume of your penis,” says Dr. Elliot Heller, known for his experience and skills in the field of male enhancement procedures. He has been helping patients get bigger and more aesthetic penis for the past 30 years.

Do Male Enhancement Pills Really Work?

The short answer is ‘No’. According to most health experts, penis enlargement pills are ineffective. Worse still, consumption of these products can lead to different kinds of health risks and complications.

All penile enlargement products contain one common ingredient, which is termed Ginkgo biloba, among many other herbs and other ingredients. Many believe that the extract can improve blood flow and spruce up sex life. However, there is little to no evidence to support this belief or claim. Even if you talk about other ingredients that these products are composed of, you will come to know that they do not produce any results. In fact, taking these supplements on a regular basis has often led to a wide range of negative health effects.

Many of these products claim to give men a faster and firmer erection. But still, they do not enlarge the size of the penis. So, you should not expect any of these pills to give you a permanently bigger and thicker penis.

Cons of Male Enhancement Pills

Most sex pills are composed of a mixture of different vitamins, minerals, and herbs as well as hormones. Many products have sildenafil and tadalafil as ingredients to give long-lasting erections. These two ingredients are also present in Viagra and Cialis, which are popular all over. First, there is no guarantee about the purity of all the ingredients used in manufacturing the product. Second, sildenafil and tadalafil (although considered safe when taken under medical supervision) can result in harmful side effects if taken without being prescribed by a doctor.

The popularity of male enhancement pills is due to marketing hype. Whichever form they are available in, supplements do not have much regulation. As a result of this, manufacturers or brands aren’t required to actually scientifically prove the effectiveness of these male enhancement pills.

The truth is there is little to no evidence to prove the effectiveness of sex pills or male enlargement pills. It is always best to seek the consultation of a health professional if you start taking any supplements.

Side-Effects and Risks

All pharmaceutical drugs are regulated, but supplements are not. So, you never know exactly what kind of ingredients these pills contain. While some ingredients can give you a faster and longer erection, they can lead to dangerous side effects if they are present in higher amounts in the product.

Lack of regulation makes penile enlargement pills more dangerous than you may think. Whether it is the ingredients or their possible side effects, you will not be able to determine the consequences. Initially, you might like the pills because of your sexual prowess, they can be dangerous ultimately. If you have a health condition, taking these pills might worsen it or even lead to an emergency, particularly if you suffer from a heart condition. Many of the ingredients present in these enhancement pills can cause hearing and vision problems in people as well.

Ingredients such as Yohimbe and Ginkgo biloba extract could interrelate with the medications you may be taking. For example, people who are on blood pressure medications should be extra careful.

Alternative Penis Enlargement Methods

In desperation, you may feel tempted to try male enhancement medications including sex pills, lotions, oils, etc. Since most of these are ineffective and could lead to harmful side effects and health risks, you should go for those procedures that are proven to give effective and permanent results.

While penile enhancement pills can be deceptive and dangerous, there are many other penis-lengthening procedures that you can go for including surgical and non-surgical procedures. Phalloplasty experts or surgeons offer different types of surgical methods to increase the size and girth of the penis. At the Allure Plastic Surgery Center in New Jersey and New York, Dr. Heller helps patients achieve their penile aesthetic goals on a regular basis through both surgical and non-surgical procedures, whichever you choose, and is ideal for your specific goals.

Dr. Heller offers these penis-lengthening and widening procedures:

Procedures to Treat Male Discrepancies

In addition to these, Dr. Heller also provides a surgical male enhancement to treat male discrepancies using methods such as pubic lift, pubic liposuction, scrotal lift, scrotal enhancement, etc.

It is for the surgeon to determine exactly which one procedure or a combination of two procedures will be ideal in your case. This will be decided after a detailed discussion with you about your male enhancement goals. If you hesitate to go under the knife, you can choose non-surgical procedures. Results from these penile lengthening procedures can be either semi-permanent or permanent, provided you make some lifestyle changes as per instructions given by the surgeon.

While sex pills are ineffective and harmful, surgical and non-surgical male enhancement procedures are both effective and safe. Most of these procedures can be completed within 40-45 minutes. Most of all, there is no downtime, so you can return to your daily life right after with some precautions.

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If you feel concerned about the size of your penis, you should not rush to whichever products you come across online or offline. It is crucial to first understand what exact penile aesthetic goals you plan to achieve. Then, you can choose those procedures that are proven to be effective and safe. At the Allure Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Heller provides a range of non-surgical and surgical procedures to add more length and volume to the penis while enhancing its overall aesthetics.

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