Dr. Heller Answers: Does Surgical Penile Lengthening Affect A Man’s Ability to Have Kids?

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Penile Length New York
New York — NY – It may be that men most care about their penile length for visual and performance reasons–that does not mean they do not care about the long-term, real life effects of penile modification.

One of the factors men are most concerned with when considering various penile lengthening procedures is whether these will negatively impact their ability to reproduce. Dr. Heller is eager to explain the facts regarding this:

  • The popular ligament release procedure is certainly one that worries a lot of patients. This is understandable, as during this procedure, the fundiform and suspensory ligaments are cut. This releases the part of the penis that is hidden inside the body–out. If performed carefully, no part of the semen-carrying vessel (the vas deferens) is damaged, making it safe for fertility.
  • Our non-surgical enlargement, which involves an injection of a poly-material filler is the least invasive and most risk-free procedure if you are concerned about any damage to your reproductive capacity.
  • Also common for penis enlargement (for the appearance of a larger penis) are the pubic lift and pubic liposuction options. Neither procedure even requires access to the penis, which completely eliminates any potential of harming a man’s fertility. Still, these can do a lot–visually–for making a man’s endowment appear larger. This is especially true if he has a relatively fatty pubic zone or tissue that partially covers his pubic/genital area.

If you are in New York or the tri-state area and wish to discuss your penile lengthening or penile widening options–give our office a call at 1(866) 477-2023. Financing options are available. Dr. Heller is an experienced plastic surgeon specializing in male enhancement surgery and non-invasive procedures. He or one of his team members will be glad to guide you through your many options.

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BY Dr. Elliot Heller | August/25/2018