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Dr. Heller Recounts The Far-Reaching Effects Penis Size Has on a Man’s Self Esteem

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Manhattan, NY – For decades, studies and surveys have generated data that proves time and time again that a man’s perception of his penis directly affects his confidence and self-concept. Just recently a detailed study done by Dr. Alicia Walker demonstrates just how much this correlation can affect everything in a man’s life.

Using the social platform Reddit, American researcher Alicia Walker asked men across North America to answer a survey regarding their general health, willingness to enter relationships, self-esteem, etc.—and questions about how they perceived their penis. She also asked them to accurately measure their penis and send clinical photos to see whether they really were as “small” as they perceived themselves to be.

The study was launched just this June, but was cut short because of public outcry at the supposed academic impropriety of asking for photographic evidence. (Professor Walker maintains the pictures were strictly for verifying whether men performed their self-measurement correctly). Nevertheless, some preliminary results were yielded from this study, and they are shocking.

Some Findings

  • Condom usage is augmented by a man’s perception of his size. Perhaps nobody that thinks they are small wishes to buy a box of condoms labeled specifically for more modest-sized penises.
  • Men are hesitant to go to their physicians for a problem completely unrelated to their penis, because of the fear that a full physical will make exposing their privates mandatory.
  • This can also translate into fear of necessary surgery unrelated to the penis. Being in a vulnerable position, under anesthesia and unclothed in front of a surgical group can drill fear into a man who sees his penile size as inadequate.
  • Men who see themselves as too small forego many relationship opportunities for fear of having their penis negatively evaluated.
  • Men in general feel stress and anxiety even at a neutral penis joke if they are not happy with their own.
  • Men can develop body dysmorphic disorder, depression, and have even admitted to contemplating suicide due to their negative view of their penis size and the social problems developed due to this anxiety.

It is clear that being satisfied with one’s penis size is instrumental for a man’s self-confidence, health, and social success. There are ways to increase penis length and girth safely and effectively for those that find their penis lacking in size according to their own standards. Dr. Heller specializes in various penile enhancement procedures, including aesthetically believable fat grafting, ligament release, and liposuction at the pubic area for maximum penile lengthening appearance. Call today to review your choices.

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