Enlarge Your Penis in Just 10 Minutes

Enlarge Your Penis in Just 10 Minutes

New York, NY – Are you self-conscious about the size of your penis, but don’t love the idea of surgery? Dr. Elliot Heller, a New York penis enlargement surgeon, has perfected a new procedure that only takes 10 minutes. Not only is it quick, but it’s almost completely painless, too.

It sounds too good to be true, but with just a 10 minute injection, penile enhancement has never been easier. You can return to work the same day, and resume your regular activities immediately.

Two guysDr. Heller uses a dermal filler that has been approved by the FDA to enlarge both the girth and length of the penis. It is effective and efficient. Through a series of non-needle injections, Dr. Heller fills the area under the skin on top of the bucks fascia.

“My procedure is unique, because, while other surgeons are using fillers for enhancement procedures, most of these only affect the girth of the penis,” says Dr. Heller. “While we know from studies that partners often say they prefer a thicker penis to a longer penis, many men still suffer from embarrassment or low self-esteem if they believe their penis isn’t long enough. The dermal filler procedure I use can both lengthen and add girth, so everyone is happy.”

The dermal filler is a made of collagen-like material and small, permanent microspheres. These work together to increase a penis’ length and girth, giving you the size you’ve always dreamed of.

There is little to no recovery time, and the virtually no pain involved in the procedure.

But how does it work? The mixture found in the dermal filler stimulates the body’s ability to produce collagen. The microspheres contained in the filler remain in the area as well, so it creates a long-lasting, nearly permanent enhancement.

Dr. Heller will use lidocaine to numb the area, similar to when you visit a dentist. This will ensure you are as comfortable as possible. The procedure only lasts about 10 minutes, and then you’ll have the lasting penis enhancement you’ve been waiting for.

“Another thing that sets my procedure apart is that other filler procedure can take as long as an hour,” says Dr. Heller. “Using fillers such as Juvederm can increase the girth of your penis, but are not permanent, and may require you to get repeat injections at least once a year. With my procedure, you get the penis size you want, without having to worry about the embarrassment of your penis shrinking back to its previous size.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the procedure, schedule your free consultation with Dr. Heller today.
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