Fat Transfer vs. Fillers: Which is Better for More Penis Width and Length?

Fat Transfer vs. Fillers: Which is Better for More Penis Width and Length?

In today’s society, aside from technology that seems to be getting smaller, bigger is seen as better. We see the size obsession phenomenon in automobiles, houses, and of course penises.

The big penis has long been a symbol of ultimate virility, strength, leadership, and even business acumen.

We even have a current pop phrase to call it. Ariana Grande deemed it BDE or Big D*ck Energy, and only certain men have it.

Having a bigger member can give you immense confidence and lead to more romantic interest. That strength of self and character can even contribute to more advancement at work and greater relationship fulfillment.

If you were born on the smaller end of the spectrum, as in you fall shorter than 5.1 to 5.9 inches, which represent the national averages, there are many others who share your plight. This means that you’re not alone. Luckily, there is a way to attain the larger penis you want.

When you want a larger penis, you have a variety of options. Your first decision should be to call Dr. Elliot Heller of the Allure Plastic Surgery Center. Dr. Heller has perfected both non-surgical and surgical male enhancement techniques. They include dermal fillers for penile widening, liposuction and fat injection for a longer and wider penis. Dr. Heller currently helps patients in Manhattan, Staten Island, and Edison, New York; as well as Marlboro and Warren, New Jersey. Get the bigger penis you want by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Heller today!

Fight Inferiority with a Larger Penis

When you have a smaller penis, which is something most men think they cannot change, you might feel inferior to others. You may be reticent and too shy to meet strangers, particularly those who may be of sexual interest. A man who lacks the confidence to make friends might also tend to avoid relationships. This can lead to discontent in life, which is the opposite of happiness.

Of course, these are the two extremes of the spectrum. A man with a smaller penis may have many friends, but still feel unconfident when it comes to sex. He may wish he had just an inch or two more to satisfy his sexual partners. It could also give him more confidence in all areas of his life.

While you may have thought that you can never change the size of your penis, there are two specific methods that have been effective, long-lasting and safe.

Referred to as the Fat Transfer and Filler procedures, respectively, these techniques are now being performed at Allure Plastic Surgery Center by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Elliot Heller.

Here is what you should know about these two penis enlargement methods before making a determination regarding which one might be right for you.

What is a Fat Transfer for Penis Enlargement?

The fat transfer procedure allows you to attain a bigger penis using your body’s own fat supply. By removing excess fat from a portion of your body, such as your thighs or abdomen, you’ll then have the fat injected into your penis for a noticeable size effect.

What is Penis Enlargement Filler?

Similar to how fat injection can give the penis a sizeable size difference, non-invasive injections of fillers like Restylane and Juvederm can be used to immediately increase penis girth. The fillers are comprised of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally-occurring sugary substance found in the skin. The fillers are safe and effectively plump the penis for long-lasting penis enlargement.

How Does Each Procedure Work for A Longer, Thicker Penis?

When looking at the two options, they may both sound interesting if your goal is to have bigger penis. With fat transfer, you get to take advantage of body sculpting while simultaneously growing your penis.

Fillers use an all-natural substance to do the same thing, but which procedure is right for you? Let’s look at both procedures in a little more detail so that you can make an educated decision.

Fat Transfer – An All-Natural Option for Penis Enlargement

The fat transfer process will begin with a consultation with your surgeon. During this initial meeting, the surgeon will evaluate you for good health. He/she will assess your reasons for wanting a larger penis. You will then be informed of how the process is conducted and what will be expected of you both during and after treatment to ensure maximum penis enhancement effect and the longest-lasting results.

The goal of your surgeon is to keep you informed of what you will endure, which believe it or not is not much for fat transfer.

The fat harvest takes only a few minutes. The technique provides the least discomfort and fastest recovery when compared to other surgical male enhancement methods.

How Fat is Harvested

Your surgeon has a number of options from where to remove the fat, including the hips, thighs, flanks, and abdomen. Some surgeons give the patient the option to have their body sculpted during this time using liposuction. The fat that is removed can then be used for penis enlargement. That way, you can combine two procedures. You will come out of the procedure with a more toned body and bigger penis.

Where is Fat Injected for Penis Enhancement?

The surgeons will mix the fat that they remove from your body with a special purifying mixture before they inject it into your penis. The injections are very tiny so that only tiny droplets of the fat mixture are deposited throughout the areas of your entire shaft. By injecting the fat under the skin, the penis gets a swelled effect that appears as though you were born with impressive penis girth.

Your surgeon will ensure that each injection of fat is provided with enough blood supply. It will allow for permanent survival under the skin. That means that finding a skilled surgeon and opting for fat injection can give you the permanent penis size improvement you’ve always wanted, but you thought it was well beyond your reach.

How Much Does Fat Transfer Penis Enlargement Cost?

The fat transfer procedure averages from $3,500 to $6,000, depending on the number of injections and other factors. For instance, some men prefer to combine the penis injections with mouth injections to smooth the lines around their lips while simultaneously giving their penis circumference a boost.

Your surgeon can also repeat the procedure up to three times. It will make him/her capable of storing your fat for up to six months.

There is also the Dermal Fat Graft, which costs between $6000 and $8000. This procedure is ideal for patients who don’t have a lot of excess fat in the typical extraction areas. The surgeon will remove the graft from the area beneath the buttocks, in most cases, and then apply it to the penis for a uniform increase to the circumference.

How Long Does Fat Transfer Last?

Some sources will tell you that fat transfer for penis enlargement is a temporary procedure. However, current research is showing that fat transfer is the most effective, natural, and permanent option for increasing the girth of your penis.

Healing, Downtime & Sexual Activity Following Fat Transfer

There is very little discomfort with the fat transfer procedure, which generally lasts for around two hours. The only discomfort you may feel are at the injection sites. They can usually be helped with over the counter medication.

Any discomfort you may feel will usually dissipate over the course of two weeks, where it should clear up altogether.

However, even though you may feel fine, it’s wise to avoid sexual activity for at least four weeks following the fat transfer penis enlargement procedure. Waiting allows the fat cells to anchor properly so that there’s no shifting under the skin. Once the cells have anchored, you’ll be good to go, conquering the bedroom and life with all new confidence and vigor.

Penis Enlargement with Fillers – Safe and Effective Male Enhancement

Fat Transfer vs Dermal Fillers

A penis enlargement using fillers will also begin with a free consultation. All consultations with your plastic surgeon will be 100% discreet. They are designed to educate you and provide you with realistic expectations.

You should discuss your concerns and expectations with your male enhancement plastic surgeon to see if penis fillers are right for you.

What is Penis Enlargement Filler?

A penis filler is comprised of a liquid known as hyaluronic acid. The surgeon will inject this substance into the soft tissue underneath your penis shaft.

Penis enlargement using fillers is a procedure that is considered non-surgical in nature. It can be completed in just a couple hours at a plastic surgery clinic.

Where is the Filler Injected for a Penis Size Boost?

Similar to the way the natural fat mixture is injected into your penis when you opt for the fat transfer, penis enlargement fillers will be injected in tiny amounts at specific locations all the way around your penis shaft.

Whether your surgeon is injecting fat or filler, the goal is to transfer the substances evenly over the entire length of the penis for a natural, girthier effect. This helps the results look more uniform, like you were born with it.

In some cases, surgeons can inject dermal fillers into the head of the penis for glanular enhancement or head enhancement, for bigger penis results all around.

How Much Does it Cost to Enlarge Your Penis with Fillers?

Fillers for penis enhancement can cost upward of $6000, depending on the type of filler used. There are various brands of fillers on the market, including Juvederm, Restylane, and Voluma.

These are the same types of fillers that surgeons typically use in cosmetic surgery to restore volume to the face and erase fine lines and wrinkles. By injecting these fillers into the penis, the substance can be shaped to the desired effect, creating a smoother and wider penis effect.

Fillers are becoming very popular and represent a safe and effective procedure for increasing penis size.

How Long Do the Results of Fillers Last?

The results you experience with male enhancement fillers can last up to a year or more, depending on the type of filler used and how quickly the filler becomes absorbed by your body.

Healing, Downtime & Sexual Activity Following Penis Fillers

You should feel minimal pain when it comes to the filler penis enhancement procedure. Some surgeons use lidocaine and some fillers come with lidocaine mixed in to further reduce discomfort levels.

There is very little downtime with male enhancement fillers, so you shouldn’t need any time off work.

Due to the fact that there is no fat extraction or graft, most patients are able to engage in sexual activity within 48 hours following the procedure.

You might see some slight bruising, which should disappear within days.

The Verdict – Which Method for Enlarging Your Penis is Better?

All three penis enlargement techniques – the fat transfer, fat graft, and dermal fillers – can provide you with a typical gain of up to 20% increase in penis circumference.

A thicker penis like that could give you more confidence in all areas of your life, particularly the bedroom.

But which procedure is right for you?

Some surgeons don’t like to use fillers because they can be rejected by the body and the results aren’t always permanent.

On the other hand, your body cannot reject fat transfer and fat graft procedures, because you’re using your own tissue. For that reason, you’ll usually hear surgeons recommend fat transfer and grafts if your goal is a wider penis and glanular enhancement, or a larger head.

Therefore, it’s clear that if you want a bigger, wider penis and all the confidence that goes along with it, ask your plastic surgeon for a free consultation to discuss the fat transfer or fat graft for safe, fast, and effective penis growth.

Ask Dr. Heller at Allure Plastic Surgery Center about the fat transfer, fat graft for a bigger, wider penis, extreme confidence, and greater sexual enjoyment.

BY Dr. Elliot Heller | May/19/2019