How to Increase Penis Girth Size Permanently

How to Increase Penis Girth Size Permanently

You’ll come across many methods to increase your penis girth size. Even if you are not ready to go under the knife, you can use non-surgical techniques to get a bigger and thicker penis. But the big question is whether the results will remain for the permanent term. The good news is there are ways, both surgical and non-surgical, that you can use to increase girth size permanently. There are a lot of men who desire to have penile enlargement that is everlasting. Increased penis girth size doesn’t just increase a person’s confidence level, but it actually amps up sex life and leads to highly satisfying and fulfilling performance in the bedroom.

In this article, we will discuss several methods that have proven to be very effective for permanent penile girth enhancement.

What is Girth Size?

The girth of a penis is measured by placing a measuring tape around the penile shaft. In plain terms, you can think of it as the thickness of the penis. A lot of men want to increase the circumference or the girth of their penis, in addition to enhancing the length of their penis. While both the length and the girth of the penis are important, more girth makes the penis look more pleasing.

If you plan to measure the girth size of your penis yourself, you should do it in the correct manner by using these tips.

  • Take a soft measuring tape
  • Ensure it doesn’t stretch
  • Wrap the tape around the penis shaft
  • Note down the number

When you wrap the measuring tape around the penile shaft, you should be gentle. Plus, you should place the measuring tape around the shaft where the thickness is the maximum. Using any other material or technique for measurement can lead to errors in the measurement. The best idea is to head over to the penis enlargement outpatient clinic to get the measurements done.

Upon erection, the average penis girth is 11.66 cm (or 4½ inches). In the flaccid state, the average penis girth is 9.31 cm (or 3⅓ inches). It is important to take the girth size measurement with accuracy.

Methods to Increase Penis Girth

The big worry that many patients have is how long the results from a penile girth size enlargement method will last. If the enhancement is permanent, then the patient will not have to repeat the procedure in a few years. Here are some highly useful and effective methods for permanent penis girth increase.

Penis Filler Procedure

Surgery is not the only option available for increased penis girth. The advent of penis fillers has made penis enlargement possible for everyone who looks for a thicker penis – without going under the knife.

Penis filler or dermal filler is injected into the penile shaft with utmost precision. The filler consists of natural materials, which have no side effects. The injections are safe and there is no downtime either. At the Allure Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Heller has been using this unique and advanced method to create permanent results for patients who desire to have more penis girth size.

When it comes to permanent girth size, Dr. Elliot Heller is considered to be a specialist all across the United States. With clinics in New York and New Jersey, Dr. Heller regularly meets a lot of patients and recommends the penis filler procedure, if the patient’s candidacy for it is confirmed to be ideal. Dr. Heller actually uses a combination of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and PMMA as penile fillers and performs the entire procedure in a way to activate cell rejuvenation in the penis and increase the thickness and size of the penis with a more aesthetic look.

If you look for permanent penile enhancement, accurate placement of the penis fillers is extremely important. Plus, the procedure must be performed in a way that does not cause any harm to other tissues. For more details on this method, feel free to reach out to the Allure Plastic Surgery Center.

Fat Transfer Procedure

Fat transfer or fat grafting procedure is a natural and minimally invasive method used to create permanent girth size. Also referred to as fat harvesting and injection, the procedure is totally safe for men to use.

During this procedure, the plastic surgeon transfers extra fat deposits in the body to the penis shaft. Usually, the fat is taken from the thighs and the abdomen. Most people have additional fat deposits in different areas of their body. So, the surgeon will first mark the areas from where to collect the fat. After harvesting the fast, the cosmetic surgeon will select only the healthier fat cells to transfer to the penile shaft. The biggest benefit of the procedure is that it is free from the risk of any kind of allergic reaction in the patient’s body. This is because the transferred fat is taken from the patient’s own body. In a nutshell, the fat transfer method consists of liposuction and the transfer of the purified fat to the penile shaft.

If you have a question about this permanent penis enlargement procedure, reach out to Dr. Heller at the Allure Plastic Surgery Center in New York (Manhattan and Staten Island) and New Jersey (Edison, Marlboro and Warren). Dr. Heller has comprehensive expertise in this procedure and has already performed it on hundreds of patients, creating permanent results successfully.

Other Tips You Should Follow

After getting the penis filler or the fat transfer procedure done, you should also follow some useful instructions and tips.

Some simple lifestyle changes will improve blood flow and circulation and help you live the joyful sex life you want. In fact, many lifestyle changes have a direct effect on your penis girth size. You should always maintain your body weight in a proper manner by doing exercises on a regular basis.

Most of all, regular exercise will help you reduce stress levels. Apart from that, you should also eat the right kind of diet. Keep a close watch on how much protein you are consuming on a daily basis. Exercise and a healthy diet are two things that you pay serious attention to. At the Allure Plastic Surgery Center, we educate all patients on key changes they should make to their lifestyle. Dr. Heller will give you some highly useful tips that you can follow in order to keep enjoying the results from the penis enhancement procedure for the permanent term.

In any case, always avoid the use of male enhancement pills. Dr. Heller strictly warns all patients to not fall prey to such supplements and pills, as they can lead to serious health risks and complications.

Benefits of Permanently Increased Girth Size

You will be surprised to see all the benefits that increasing the girth size on a permanent basis can bring. If you feel less confident due to a small penis size, getting a bigger and thicker penis will restore confidence.

Most of all, you will like the fact that your girth size was increased permanently without the use of surgical methods. In fact, both the penile enlargement procedures described above are completely safe, with no side effects, allergic reactions, or complications of any kind. In penis filler, the material used is natural. The fat transfer method uses filtered fat from the patient’s own body. This means you can go for these options without any confusion or worry at all.

With increased penis girth size, you will never be the same person again. You will experience boosted confidence and self-esteem. You will also be able to derive the maximum amount of pleasure out of your sex life.

Talk to Dr. Heller

If you are in search of natural, totally safe methods to increase girth size permanently, you definitely have some really good options available. To find out how these procedures work and what to expect, you should head over to the Allure Plastic Surgery Center in New York and New Jersey. During your initial consultation, you will talk to Dr. Heller over the phone. You will discuss whether or not you are an ideal candidate for methods such as penis fillers and fat grafting. If your candidacy is found to be perfect, Dr. Heller will give you many more consultations to develop a customized treatment plan to suit your specific penile aesthetic goals.

You can reach out to the Allure Plastic Surgery Center via a phone call in Manhattan, Staten Island, Edison, Marlboro, and Warren. Alternatively, you can also write us an email using the contact form.

BY Dr. Elliot Heller | September/13/2023