Is Your Penis Size Normal?

Is Your Penis Size Normal?

New York, NY – If you are a man, chances are, at some point you’ve wondered how your penis size stacks up. It’s a common thought among men, and for men who fear their penis might be smaller than average, it can also lead to decreased self-esteem and embarrassment.

“I see men all the time who are self-conscious about their penis size,” says Dr. Elliot Heller, a New York plastic surgeon. “Male enhancement procedures are on the rise as men realize there are great solutions to help them overcome their self-doubt.”

Male SurgeryBut how exactly do you measure up? Last year, the British Journal of Urology published a study titled “Am I Normal,” the largest study of its kind.

Researchers analyzed data from 20 studies with more than 15,000 men as subject. The men had their penis size measured by health professionals. The results showed the average flaccid penis to be 3.61 inches, while the average erect penis was 5.17 inches. Average circumference of a flaccid penis was 3.67 inches and 4.59 inches for an erect one.

“Chances are, when you hear this information, you’ll probably feel a bit better about your own penis size,” says Dr. Heller. “It’s not only women who are bombarded with images of unrealistic beauty goals. With David Beckham’s underwear ads plastered around the world, and a world where porn can be found at the touch of a finger, men often are left with unrealistic expectations of their own penis size.”

And those insecurities have very real world effects on many men. It can be difficult to develop and maintain romantic relationships when you are preoccupied with fear that your penis won’t live up to expectations. And that is where Dr. Heller comes in.

“Penile enhancement has the ability to change a man’s life,” says Dr. Heller. “I have treated many men over the course of my career, and it is amazing the difference in their self-confidence when they first visit my office, and when they leave after their procedure is finished.”

If you’re tired of wondering if you measure up and would like to do something about it, Dr. Heller is an expert in penile enhancement procedures and can help. Dr. Heller can help his patients gain an average length of one to two inches and increase width by 30 percent. Call 866-477-2023 to discover what Dr. Heller can do for you, or visit his website to learn more. Dr. Heller’s Manhattan office is conveniently located at 150 East 61st Street.

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