10 Reasons a Larger Penis Makes for a Happier Life

10 Reasons a Larger Penis Makes for a Happier Life

A sizeable human penis has been revered for centuries as a symbol of masculinity, power, accomplishment, and intelligence. For centuries, men with more significant members have been seen as virile. These men are usually selected as mates over the less endowed.

Men who feel that their penises are too small often think that their lives will drastically improve had they been born a bit more “blessed.”

First, we should determine what encompasses a big penis over a small one.

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Average Penis Size – How Do You Measure Up?

The average erect penis length is between 5.1 and 5.9 inches, though results tend to vary across reputable studies.

The average flaccid length is between 3.5 inches and 3.9 inches in length and 1.4 and 1.6 inches wide.

If your penis is smaller than those numbers and you’re over the age of 17, you’re likely stuck with your current size.

Why Are Some Men Born with Smaller Penises?

Environmental factors can contribute to small phallus size, including genetics and the presence of endocrine disruptors.

Around 2.3% of men are born with what is referred to as micropenis. That is where the man is only able to achieve an erect length of less than 7cm (2.8 in).

If you’ve ever wished you had a larger penis, you’re not alone. Nearly half of all men wished they had been born with a longer, fuller, and more impressive penis.

Would your life become happier with a larger penis? Research shows that probably, yes.

Here are ten ways you could experience more joy in life with a larger than average member.

10 Reasons Larger Penis Can Lead to Happier Life

Better Confidence & Self-Assurance

Men who are smaller in size tend to first notice their low endowment when they begin changing with other boys in the locker room, or view an adult video where all the men are larger. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy very early on, in some cases before the boy even reaches the end of puberty.

If not corrected through therapy or other means, this lack of ability to see yourself as “enough” can cause you to take fewer chances and risks. It can lead to poor school performance, along with a suffering social life.

Men born with larger penises never suffer through what is referred to as “small penis syndrome.” Instead of being reserved, men with larger penises tend to be more outgoing and a better leader. This can contribute successfully to nearly all areas of his life.

More Friends & Acquaintances

Men who perceive themselves as less endowed tend to be more reserved. They feel downright shy when it comes to meeting new people. When you find it difficult to get close to people, you may find it hard to form friendships. You also don’t tend to shoot the breeze with the cashier at the grocery store, for instance, leading to less interaction with people in general.

Men who are better endowed tend to be quicker to extend a hand in greeting. Even the store cashier quickly becomes a friend after a few moments of easy conversation.

When it comes to the opposite sex, men with larger penises are more apt to pursue their interests without abandon. This will lead to more friendships, relationships, and acquaintances.

Higher Up on the Corporate Ladder

A smaller penis can contribute to feelings of low-self worth at work. This can lead to poor performance and fewer promotions. Smaller endowed men are also less likely to ask for a raise. It can cause them to earn less than they’re worth.

Because they are so outgoing and quick to make friends with others, greater endowed men are more likely to be favored for promotions and management positions. Their natural leadership abilities mean that they are more likely to advance to greater positions quicker. As a result, they will earn more than their more reserved counterparts.

Better & More Frequent Sex

A smaller endowed man may not seek out as many sexual opportunities. They may let these opportunities pass by if he ever encounters them. Even if a woman comes onto him, a man with a smaller penis may turn her down for fear that she’ll out him and make fun of him for his less endowed stature.

Bigger men are more likely to approach and talk to the objects of their desire, leading to more frequent opportunities for sex. Studies show that men who are larger endowed tend to be more competent lovers. This leads to sexual partners often returning for more in the future, even partners he considers to be an “ex.”

More Adventurous Sex

Many men with smaller penises see sex as an anxiety-ridden affair. All the feelings of inadequacy and fear that his partner will tease him for his smaller size can lead to sexual dysfunction, like ED or premature ejaculation. This leads to fewer sexual partners and fewer chances for more adventurous intercourse.

Men with larger penises tend to get talked about positively by their sexual partners, which leads to more “referrals” in the bedroom. Men with larger penises tend to have more threesomes and are more likely to film sex with their sexual partners, as opposed to smaller men who may like to keep the lights off while he and his partner are between the sheets.

More Likely to Marry

Men with smaller members may have trouble forming the types of relationships that turn into marriage. Their partners might also wonder if they’re missing something in the marriage, and if having a larger man might make all the difference.

Men with bigger penises are more likely to be seen as a “keeper” by romantic partners. This will lead to more opportunities to tie the knot.

Look More Impressive Naked

Less endowed men may be more afraid to strip down to their birthday suits when it comes time for sex. If the other partner makes a face, snorts, or ups and leaves, the repercussions would be devastating. A smaller man might then avoid taking his clothes off in front of sexual partners. He might even prefer it to be dark when he did.

Bigger men might not have any reservations about stripping down to nothing at all. Whether the more endowed man is in the bedroom, skinny dipping with romantic partners, or lounging around the house, he’s simply more likely to let it all hang out.

His confidence may stem from compliments he’s received his entire life for his above average member, something smaller endowed men rarely experience.

Fewer Bouts of Depression & Anxiety

Low confidence and fewer friends, coupled with stagnant earnings, can leave a smaller man feeling inadequate in all areas of life. It would be difficult for anyone to operate effectively with that type of mentality, but less endowed men might feel more hopeless and feel more social anxiety, leading to less happiness overall.

Men who are more endowed tend to experience better life fulfillment. They have more rewarding relationships and interests and tend to have more material possessions and greater health. This sort of contentment can lead to greater happiness in all areas of the man’s life.

More Goal-Oriented

Men with smaller penises who also have a lack of confidence may wonder “what’s the point?” when it comes to fulfilling one or more of life’s goals. This might translate into an inability to establish goals coupled with a lack of motivation to reach for those goals as the men get older. A lack of goal setting and achieving can double down on a man’s self-worth, making him feel downright worthless.

A man with a larger penis reaches for and achieves goals at work and in relationships with ease. A goal is a mere problem to be figured out and with effort comes the reward of success. Achieving goals has been shown to affect greater confidence, which the larger endowed man has in abundance.

Better Reputation

If a sexual partner does make fun of a smaller endowed man, those rumors could travel fast. It will quickly reach coworkers or classmates, and even strangers on the street. This can lead a man to feel paranoid that his smaller penis is all people see him as. This might even lead to more anxiety and depression.

Because men with big penises are usually so outgoing, they’re seen as trustworthy and friendly. And, because they are so confident between the sheets, their larger member tends to be talked about favorably with potential sexual partners, and sometimes even co-workers and strangers they may eventually meet.

Are There Drawbacks to Having a Large Penis?

It should be noted that the above examples are generalizations. There may be plenty of smaller endowed men who are confident, have lots of friends, climb the corporate ladder like an American Ninja Warrior, and have overall happiness in their lives through and through.

It’s also important to note that having a larger-than-life penis isn’t as always as great as it’s cracked up to be, with some overly long and wide penises requiring lots of lube for sexual activity and even then, problems like tearing in their sexual partners can occur.

Men with overly large penises also can’t have sex as often with the same sexual partner, due to the other partner sometimes experiencing bruising and soreness after frequent sessions.

However, like most men, you probably wish you were just a little bit longer than you are now, at least to meet or beat the national average.

The good news is that there is hope. For many men, they only need to gain a slight bit of size to be seen as having a Goldilocks penis. This is a penis that is not so large that it causes pain and inconvenience. However, it is large enough to hit all the erogenous spots in sexual partners. At the same time, a Goldilocks penis can still give the man enough confidence to display his naked body, particularly to partners right before sex.

Solutions for a More Endowed Penis and Happier Life

While men can have a happy sex life with a smaller penis, you wish you got more of a reaction from your sexual partners when you “dropped trou.” You want rumors to spread of your outgoingness and sexual prowess, leading to more friendships, relationships, and success in business, among other life-affirming objectives.

Happy Sex Life with Larger Penis

Here are some ways you can boost your penis size, giving you greater joy and self-confidence in all you do.

Quit Smoking

Smoking narrows your arteries, which are responsible for sending blood to the various areas of your body, including the penis. Less blood in your penis means that your erections won’t look as large and won’t feel as firm.

Get More Exercise

Quitting smoking can improve your arterial health and so can exercise. When you manage to quit smoking and work up a sweat more frequently, you’ll manage to send more blood to your organ. This will make your penis larger and your erections harder.

Eat Right

Anyone who knows fitness knows that getting fit is 75% in the kitchen, which indicates the foods you eat. Try to eat a balanced diet with lots of vegetables and foods high in antioxidants. It will keep the arteries open, leading to a greater flow of blood to the area where it counts.

Penis Enlargement

If you are on the severely less endowed side, you may consider penis lengthening and widening, which represent both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Ligament Release, for instance, can help you reveal a full third of your penis that is hidden inside your body. By releasing the fundiform and suspensory ligaments, that hidden length will suddenly become functional length. While nothing is technically added to the penis, the ligament release is considered to be the most effective male enhancement treatment option available anywhere in the world to substantially grow your penis length.

Penile Widening

A fat transfer technique is the most popular and cost-effective option available for increasing penis girth.

This procedure is also completely safe and natural. By harvesting fat from an area of your body, you can then have that fat injected into your penis for a widening boost.

The fat harvest can be combined with body sculpting. It will leave your body and penis in better shape following the girth boosting procedure. Some men even choose to have the lines around their mouth filled in while their penises are simultaneously enhanced.

Dermal Fat Graft

For those smaller endowed men who don’t have as much fat to contribute, a graft will be harvested from some area of their body, most typically the area underneath the buttocks. When the skin is removed, the graft will be used to perform a uniform girth enhancement using your own healthy and all-natural fat stem cells.

Non-Surgical Penis Enhancement

There are ways to boost both length and penis width using a quick 10-minute injection.

With a healthier diet, better habits, and with one or more penis boosting procedures, you could experience the happiness usually reserved for the greater endowed.

Schedule an appointment with renowned male enhancement surgeon Dr. Elliot Heller, now serving patients throughout all five Boroughs of New York City, as well as some areas of New Jersey. Schedule a free and discreet consultation today to discuss your penis lengthening and widening goals.

BY Dr. Elliot Heller | May/18/2019