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Length vs. Girth: What is the Ideal Penis Size?

Ideal Penis SizeNew York, NY – Have you ever wondered how you measure up to the ideal penis size?
As a man, you’ve probably measured your own penis and compared your size to other men.

After all, you’re only human.

And you’ve wondered – are you big enough?

While size can be relative, there must be an ideal size, right?

Turns out, there is.

“I get that question all the time,” says Dr. Elliot Heller of Allure Plastic Surgery Center in New York City. “Men want to know if they’re ideal. That’s when I point them to the various studies that have been done on the subject.”

If you want to know if you’re smaller than average, larger, or somewhere in the middle, Dr. Heller is prepared to set the record straight.

First, let’s start with length.

The Ideal Penis Length

According to at least one laboratory study, the average erect penis is around 5-6 inches in length.

But is that considered ideal?

A joint study by researchers at the University of New Mexico and the University of California studied a group of 75 California residents – all 18-65-year-old women – and presented them with a variety of 3D model phalluses.

The women were asked to choose the size they would prefer for a one-night stand followed by their choice for a long term relationship.

There were 33 penis models in all, and they ranged in size from 4.0 to 8.5 inches in length and 2.5 to 7.0 inches in circumference.

On average, the women chose the model that was 6.4 inches in length for the one-night stand.
For a long term relationship, the women chose the model that was slightly smaller, at 6.3 inches in length.

The study proved that women want a slightly over than average penis, but the one-night stand model was only a tad above that.

Researchers concluded that novelty contributes to pleasure and that women looking for a one-night stand want to pursue pleasure primarily.

On the other hand, women prefer a slightly smaller sized penis for long-term relationships for the physical comfort an average size affords.

If you don’t measure up to the standard or the ideal, are you stuck with your size for life?
Dr. Heller says no, and points to a few methods that can be used to increase the size of one’s penis.

Methods for Increasing Penis Length

Dr. Heller says, “For a man who wants more length, I would recommend penile lengthening surgery.”

According to Dr. Heller, up to one-half of a man’s penis is located inside his body, in a curvature, and is anchored to the pubic bone by the fundiform and suspensory ligament.
By releasing the ligament using an incision that is hidden within the pubic bone region, the penis will protrude on a straighter path. This can result in an increase of up to two inches in functional length.

Ideal Penis Girth

When it comes to the ideal width of the human penis, we can look to that same joint study.
Researchers found that the women looking for a one-night stand chose the phallus model that was 5.0 inches in circumference (measured at mid-shaft).

For a long-term relationship, the women chose a girth of 4.8 inches, which is about average.
If you want a thicker penis, Dr. Heller has several solutions.

Procedures for Increasing Penis Girth

“I might recommend the Alloderm Matrix, which is a thick sheet of tissue that is placed under the skin of the penis,” says Dr. Heller. This procedure can help patients achieve a penis width gain of up to 25-35%.

The fat transfer method is another that Dr. Heller recommends. This quick, painless and low-cost method involves removing fat from the patient’s abdomen or flanks whereby it is then injected beneath the skin of the penis to increase the thickness.

Dr. Heller says that fat transfer can be used to increase length as well as girth.

Two other girth-boosting procedures that don’t require surgery include FDA approved dermal fillers, which involve a collagen-like material that is injected under the skin of the penis, and the P-Shot, which involves injecting the patient with blood platelets from his own blood supply.

Dr. Heller says, “These procedures are for men who want a quick fix to a wider penis.”
The dermal filler method only takes 10 minutes with no downtime and produces long-lasting results.

For the P-Shot, he says, “These platelets are injected into areas where the patient desires more fullness and firmness.” With a simple injection, he says, a man can enjoy more girth and much stronger erections.

Now that you know the ideal penis size and how to achieve more length and girth, you might be wondering where to go to have these procedures done.

For a longer and/or thicker penis and an incredible boost to your self-esteem (both inside and outside of the bedroom), schedule a consultation with Dr. Heller at Allure Plastic Surgery Center to discuss your options.

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