Can Penile Implants Be Effective in Curing Erectile Dysfunction?

Can Penile Implants Be Effective in Curing Erectile Dysfunction?

Men suffer from different kinds of sexual health issues. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the most common among such issues. Older people aged above 60 years are more likely to develop ED. However, men have always tried to evade questions or discussion related to this topic. Whether you want to talk about it or not, the ED problem will not go away without getting the right treatment. When looking for a cure, the very first option available to you is prescription pills.

Though prescription pills offer relief from erectile dysfunction, they are not considered as the most effective treatment. According to many urologists, the only real option to cure erectile dysfunction is a penile implant.

Prescription medication isn’t a permanent treatment for curing erectile dysfunction. In some cases, pills don’t give the desired results. Plus, men suffering from ED don’t like to depend on medication because using this option means they have to plan to get an erection. Males always look for a treatment which is faster and more reliable for the long term. That’s exactly where penile implants take the lead. When getting a penile implant, you can always feel confident that it will work and the implant enables you to achieve an on-demand erection in just 15 seconds. 

If you have been suffering from erectile dysfunction and would like to know more about how effective penile implants can be as a cure, given below are Dr. Heller’s answers for your knowledge and understanding.

Is Penile Implant an Effective Cure for Erectile Dysfuntion?

When considering penile implants, the first question that comes to men’s minds is how effective this treatment can be in treating ED. 

Penile or penis implant surgery has proven to be very effective for men experiencing erectile dysfunction. If you are someone who has tried other treatments without getting results, this surgery is the way to go. The implant involves placing a small device inside the penis and scrotum. Once the implant is done, the prosthetic device helps the person restore their sexual function. The surgery takes about 1-2 hours to perform, and it is done as an outpatient procedure.

“According to studies, penile implants have delivered men a satisfaction rate of up to 98%”, says Dr. Heller. Not only that, the men who underwent the male enhancement surgery als happily recommended it to their friends and colleagues. They were glad that they took the decision to go for this cure.

Types of Penis Implants

Penile implants are available in many types. Which penile implant will be ideal for you depends on your specific needs. Broadly speaking, such implants fall into two inflatable penis implants and malleable penis implants. Before you are ready to go for this male enhancement surgery, you need to have a private consultation with the doctor to find out which implants suit you best. Key factors that the doctor will consider in this regard include your age, body size, penis size etc.

In an inflatable penile inflatable implant surgery, the doctor will place a reservoir in the abdomen, two cylinders in the penis and a pump in the scrotum. The three parts together make up the fluid-filled system, which gives you a similar performance as a natural erection. 

On the other hand, the malleable penile implant involves a surgical procedure in which the doctor places two firm but flexible rods in the penis. Unlike the other implant, it does not use any other part. When you want to have an erection, you just need to hold the penis in your hand and move it in the direction you want. After you are done, you can hold the penis again and bend it back. 

Is Penis Implant Surgery Safe?

Penile Implant to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

The effectiveness and the results from the surgery will also depend on the experience of the surgeon you go to. When it comes to penis enlargement and male enhancement surgery, Dr. Heller has proved to be a pioneer. 

“The penis implant surgery is completely safe and reliable with an infection rate of just about 1%”, says Dr. Heller. “At Allure Plastic Surgery Center in New York, we perform expert and advanced surgical techniques to make the surgery entirely safe for all ED patients. So, the risk of postoperative infection is incredibly low”, he added. Dr. Heller has plenty of experience in this field.

Selection of the right surgeon is very important. Just like in other surgeries, the results of a penile implant surgery depends on the experience of the surgeon. Make sure you choose a surgeon you can fully trust.

Recovering from Penile Implant Surgery

Getting surgery on the penis causes nervousness in many people. After a private consultation with the doctor or the urologist in this regard, your anxiety will go away. The doctor will explain the entire surgical procedure and what to expect before, during and after the surgery. That is why Dr. Heller has a full discussion with every patient before scheduling the implant surgery.

Penile implant recovery is both quicker as well as less painful than most surgeries. After the surgery, you can expect mild soreness for a couple of days. The incision will heal in 4-5 days. The swelling and discomfort will go away in the first week itself. The average recovery time for most ED patients is between one to two weeks. The surgeon will work with you closely to help you with the healing process and shorten the recovery time. In the first two weeks post the surgery, the doctor will advise you not to indulge in any high intensity exercise or heavy lifting. If you follow the surgeon’s advice properly, you’ll heal much faster without any problem.

Dr. Heller uses models for his ED patients to help them understand how to inflate and deflate the penile implant. With some guidance and in-clinic activation, you’ll become comfortable with the process. 

Why Should You Consider a Penile Implant?

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, taking the penile implant route can be an ideal cure – particularly if medication has proved ineffective. There are various reasons for men to go for penis implant surgery.

Definitely, the biggest reason you should consider having a penile implant surgery is the high satisfaction rate, as stated above. In case of inflatable penis implants, the rate of satisfaction is 98%, whereas patients who have undergone this surgery also find this cure more satisfying than other ED medication and other treatment options. Another reason is that a penile implant isn’t visible or noticeable. This means your partner will not be able to know you have an implant unless you disclose it to them. The recovery period is also not too long. Most patients should expect to enjoy their sexual life once again within 4-5 weeks.

Since the lifespan of a penile implant is 15-20 years, this ED treatment is also the most effective one. Most health insurance plans as well as Medicare offer coverage for this type of surgery. All you need to do is seek the consultation of a doctor for your ED problem and have them prescribe the penile implant surgery as the treatment of your erectile dysfunction.

Schedule Your Free Consultation with Dr. Heller

Apart from curing erectile dysfunction (ED), penile implants can also be used to treat curved penises and painful erections. If you are suffering from the inability to get and keep a firm erection, feel free to reach out to Dr. Heller for your free private consultation and find out how he can help you. 

Dr. Heller is known and respected for his expertise to minimize healing time and deliver long-term results.

BY Dr. Elliot Heller | January/31/2021