Dermal Fillers: the Fastest and Safest Non-Surgical Method for Penis Enlargement

Dermal Fillers: the Fastest and Safest Non-Surgical Method for Penis Enlargement

For men, penis size has always been an important concern. Small penis size doesn’t just affect a man’s sexual life, but it also affects the confidence of a man in their everyday life. The good news is that advanced technologies have made it possible to achieve a bigger penis with more girth and volume. Dermal fillers have emerged as an effective option to increase penis size sans surgery.

What is  Penis Dermal Filler?

Penis dermal filler is a liquid that is injected into the soft tissue of the penis shaft to increase the length and girth. The liquid injection procedure is a non-surgical one and can be completed within thirty minutes.

According to Dr. Elliot Heller, an experienced plastic surgeon, the number of inquiries for getting filler injections has gone up by a considerable margin. The biggest reason for men opting for this method is because it is non-invasive.

Benefits of Penis Enlargement with Dermal Fillers

Non-surgical phalloplasty has become a preferred option for penis enlargement due to a number of benefits it has to offer.

  • No surgery required
  • Takes place in a doctor’s office
  • Fast results
  • Treatment takes less than 30 minutes
  • No stitches
  • No use of anesthesia
  • Little discomfort
  • Engage in sexual activity within 2 days

Some men continue to have the dermal filler procedure more than once to increase volume and girth. 

The Procedure

At the initial private consultation with Dr. Heller, he will explain the procedure in detail. The main goal of this consultation is to prepare the patient for the penile filler treatment.

Dr. Heller will examine you and recommend how much filler is needed to be injected. He uses an effective and safe filler to enhance the penis. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a bio-elastic material that has been proven to increase girth and length in a way that looks and feels natural.

Since Dr. Heller regularly performs penile enlargement treatments, he carries plenty of expertise in the anatomy and physiology of the man’s penis. He is well-known to help a lot of men have an aesthetically pleasing and sexually satisfying penis. Dr. Heller isn’t just highly skilled, but he is also a certified specialist to perform a wide range of surgical as well as non-surgical penis enlargement procedures.

Dr. Heller is also an expert in using combination procedures. He performs various techniques to enhance penile girth, length, scrotal size, overall appearance, and aesthetics of the male genitalia. 

Once the physical examination has been completed and the patient is deemed suitable for the treatment, Dr. Heller will proceed to perform the non-surgical penis filler procedure. Before the injection, the groin will be cleansed and locally anesthetized using a numbing cream. The doctor will slowly inject the aesthetic filler into the penis shaft, just below the superficial dermal layer. The number of injection tubes can range from 1 to 15 on average at the top, middle, and bottom of the penis. In most cases, the doctor will perform the injection in a matter of 20-30 minutes. 

Recovery and Results

Post-procedure, the patient will immediately notice an increase in the girth of the penis. Since this is a non-surgical method for penis enlargement, the downtime is very little. You can return to your day’s routine after the procedure. Within two days of the procedure, you can also return to your sex life as usual. 

Where to Get the Dermal Fillers Injection?

Non-surgical penis dermal filler is an office-based procedure. Dr. Heller performs the procedure at the Allure Plastic Surgery Centers in New York, New Jersey, and Staten Island.

Schedule an Initial Consultation with Dr. Heller

Dr. Heller is a plastic surgeon who specializes in performing penis enlargement. He serves patients from all across New York and New Jersey at the Allure Plastic Surgery Center. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Heller by calling our office at 866-847-5286 or using other contact ways possible.

BY Dr. Elliot Heller | March/30/2021