Penis Implants Vs. Male Enhancement: The Truth

Male Enhancement New YorkNew York, NY – Men considering penis enlargement or any type of penile surgery are encouraged to learn all they can about the various procedures.

According to New York male enhancement specialist Dr. Elliot Heller, there are various methods used to lengthen, widen, and enhance the penis. From penis implants to glanular enhancement one thing holds true: technique is a crucial component to the outcome of any procedure. However, which procedure patients choose depends largely on their goals and needs.

Penile Implants

Penile implants seem to be the latest internet buzz words and several resources tout that this surgery can ‘heighten’ the cosmetic appeal and size of a man’s penis. Unfortunately, most of the info floating around the web is inaccurate and used to build hype. Implants aren’t some magical shaft that once inserted transforms the penis from 4 to 8 inches. So, what are penile implants exactly? Put simply; they are a medical solution to erectile dysfunction. The fact is, an implant will not increase penis length or girth.

Penis implants are surgically placed inside the penis to sustain an erection. This is a treatment option for those suffering from erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease, a disorder characterized by a bent and painful penis.

Implants are not an alternative for someone who is unhappy with his penis size. Additionally, they will not make the penis longer, wider, or boost sexual desire or sensation. It’s also important to realize that, like all surgeries, there are risks associated with penile implants including uncontrolled bleeding after surgery requiring an additional operation, infection, formation of scar tissue, and mechanical failure. And even if everything goes smoothly, the patient might still face a pretty lengthy recovery.

Penis Enlargement Surgeries

What are the available options for men looking for additional length and girth? According to Dr. Heller, penis enlargement surgeries can be broken down into two types of procedures: penis lengthening and penis widening. Penis lengthening typically increases the length of the penis about 1-2 inches.

This is done by pulling the part of the penis that is usually inside of the body to the outside. The best thing about this surgery is that it’s 100% natural. Penis widening can be achieved through skin grafts or even your own fat injections. Both of these methods are designed to enhance the look of your penis and increase sexual satisfaction for both partners.

The most important step when considering any penile surgery is finding the most experienced surgeon, one that you know you can trust. Dr. Heller is a penis enlargement specialist on staff at Allure Plastic Surgery Center with locations in New York and New Jersey. Dr. Heller draws on years of experience to deliver the best possible results to every patient he sees.

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BY Dr. Elliot Heller | February/15/2017