Monsplasty: Pubic Lift for Men

Monsplasty: Pubic Lift for Men

Do you have excess saggy tissue in the pubic region? When weight gain happens, fat tissues don’t deposit only in the abdominal area. In fact, it tends to occur in multiple areas and parts of the body, including the pubic area. A large quantity of fat in this area leads to multiple issues.

People who have fat deposits in the pubic region feel discomfort as well as a loss of self-confidence. Pubic lift is an effective method called monsplasty, which surgeons use to remove the extra fat in the pubic area. This procedure is also referred to as mons pubic lift or mons lift. It is a good idea to get a monsplasty along with abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), as removing excess fat from the abdominal region makes the fatty pad in the pubic area even more visible.

Enlarged Mons Pubis

The mons pubis is a soft tissue deposit, which covers the pubic bone over the vulva or penis. These fatty pads are more prominent in women than men. An enlarged mons pubis causes issues both in women and men. In men, the fatty pads hide the penis leading to a condition called “hidden penis syndrome.” Women too have difficulty having sexual intercourse due to an enlarged mons pubis. When a person begins to gain weight, fat tissues grow in the mons pubis too. As a result of this, the area takes the shape of a bulge due to excessive amounts of fat.

Large deposits of fat in the pubic area also put pressure on the surrounding skin, causing it to stretch. When you shed fat, the stretched skin creates a sag. This saggy skin takes away the aesthetic beauty of the genitals and leads to many other issues, which affect one’s sex life as well.

It is not just weight gain that causes the mons pubis to enlarge. Other causes of the bulge in the pubic region include aging and pregnancy. The fat buildup makes the upper vaginal area change in a way that impacts functionality during sex and reduces the confidence level. Another issue is the way clothing fits around this area. With an enlarged mons pubis, the appearance of clothing doesn’t look good. In young adults, the stretched skin after losing weight has the elasticity to restore its normal shape. But older people have less elastic skin and a sag remains after the person has lost weight. Thankfully, the monsplasty or pubic lift procedure effectively removes the mons pubis and tightens the skin as well.

How Does the Pubic Lift Procedure Work?

Monsplasty or pubic lift is a cosmetic surgery, which aims to correct the aesthetic appearance of the pubic region by removing the excess fat deposits and extra skin from the area. The surgery results in improved self-confidence and sexual enjoyment. It also restores normal urinary function.

Dr. Elliot Heller carries deep expertise in monsplasty. Every year, he successfully performs this surgery both on men and women to remove excess fat deposits and saggy skin from the pubic region. He skillfully tightens the skin surrounding the region to give a nice and natural shape to the upper genitalia. The procedure is conducted under local anesthesia to ensure minimal discomfort. Before the surgery can begin, Dr. Heller has a private discussion with his patients to achieve the desired results. He offers full clarity on what to expect. Most importantly, he plans out the surgical procedure as per the specific needs of the patient’s body.

Pubic lift involves a procedure called liposuction, which refers to the removal of extra fat by making small incisions around the target area. A successful monsplasty means skillfully working with the muscles and tissues of the pubic region. Dr. Heller carries out the entire procedure with the highest level of precision to properly contour the pubic area for an esthetically pleasing look.

After the Procedure

You will feel minimal pain after the mons pubic lift. The recovery post-lift is fast and you can expect to return to your daily routine in 3-5 days. However, the cosmetic surgeon will advise you to abstain from intense workouts or exercises for two or three weeks. If you follow the surgeon’s instructions properly, the recovery will happen very fast and the results will be satisfying.

All you are required to do is maintain a healthy weight to enjoy the results from the lift for the longest term.

Who is a Good Candidate for Monsplasty?

Candidate for Pubic Lift

You are an ideal candidate for the mons pubic lift procedure if you have a large amount of fat over the vulva or the penis. 

Apart from this, the surgeon also has some other criteria to decide whether the public lift surgery is a perfect match for your needs. To be able to have a mons lift, you should have good physical health. 


The mons lift procedure offers multiple benefits for a man or woman whose pubic area is fatty and enlarged. 

Often, people with a large amount of fat in the pubic region face difficulty during sexual intercourse and urination. Post-lift, you will be able to enjoy your sex life and the urinary functions will be normalized. Removal of pubic area fat will enable you to enjoy physical activities such as bike riding. Your genitalia aesthetics will improve and clothing will fit better than ever. After the surgery, men can also notice an increase in the visual size of the penis. Most of all, you will see a rise in your confidence level and feel comfortable in your overall body once again.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

Monsplasty or pubic lift is usually conducted at an outpatient surgery center. It takes anywhere between 60-90 minutes.

Talk to Dr. Heller

If you have a large amount of fat and saggy skin in your mons pubis, you should head straight to the Allure Plastic Surgery Center in New York and New Jersey. At the center, Dr. Heller will discuss your specific condition in a private setting and determine if you are the right candidate for the procedure. And then, he will create a customized plan to perform the pubic lift. 

To schedule your initial consultation, give Dr. Heller a phone call or send him an email using the contact form on the website.

BY Dr. Elliot Heller | November/30/2021