Scrotal Lift Great Addition to Male Enhancement Surgery

New York, NY-When it comes to penis enlargement procedures, older patients may also choose to do something with the appearance of their scrotal skin. Dr. Heller, the premier choice for penile enhancement surgery in New York, offers a scrotal lift surgery that’s just as effective for his patients.

Male Surgery“Patients may wish to have their scrotal skin tightened and lifted to a more youthful position,” says Dr. Heller. “The firmer appearance allows them to feel more pleased about the overall look of their penis.”

Let’s briefly discuss the skin of the scrotum. A complex structure that contains smooth muscle, the scrotal skin promotes contraction and relaxation of the area, depending on surrounding temperature.
“Over time, the skin can grow to be excessive,” explains Dr. Heller. “The scrotum may consequently hang low or become saggy.”

So what does the procedure involve? Depending on the patient’s situation, Dr. Heller may use a combination of scrotal tightening, skin removal and muscle tightening. Patients are always relaxed and comfortable during the procedure as they’re under anesthesia.

Just like the other treatments offered by Dr. Heller, the scrotal lift is completely safe and backed by his extensive experience. Plus, the results are immediate and come with minimal postoperative complications.

For a more detailed explanation as to whether you may be a candidate for scrotal lift, be sure to set up your free initial consultation with Dr. Heller. He will further discuss the procedure itself, as well as financing information.
“Patients can also choose to take advantage of our computer imaging technology,” says Dr. Heller. “This service allows you to see what the results would look like before you even go through with the procedure.”

Dr. Heller is certified by American Academy Aesthetic and Restorative Surgery. He specializes in scrotal lift and penis enlargement procedures and serves all of New York, Manhattan and Staten Island. For more information, contact our office or give us a call.

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BY Dr. Elliot Heller | September/20/2014