The Use of Voluma Filler Injected with a Cannula Tube without a Needle for Penile Enlargement

The Use of Voluma Filler Injected with a Cannula Tube without a Needle for Penile Enlargement

The technology of dermal fillers has improved a great deal since it was first introduced in the field of phalloplasty. Patients can now opt for a non-surgical penile enlargement method that involves the use of Voluma fillers, injected with a cannula tube. This means the entire procedure will be performed without the use of a needle, thereby minimizing discomfort as well as downtime. At the Allure Plastic Surgery Center, we believe in educating all patients and keeping them well-informed about all the essential details of the penis enhancement methods.

Dr. Elliot Heller has sound expertise in carrying out the penile Voluma filler technique with a high degree of precision. He has a successful track record for delivering remarkable results for patients who want the size of their penis increased for enjoying a better sex life and satisfying their partners.

What is Voluma Filler?

Also referred to as Volumizer, the Voluma filler is a non-surgical filler that is injected into the penile shaft to increase penis size. It is composed of a special type of hyaluronic acid, which is mostly present in the human skin. Using this technique, the surgeon can increase penis size by up to 30%.

Juvederm Voluma filler is FDA-approved and very popular among the entire line of filler products from this manufacturer. Originally, the volumizer was developed to contour the smile lines and the lips for fullness. Later, as the product expanded in its ambit of usage, the surgeons used it to enhance the size of the male reproductive organ. Through this non-surgical dermal filler procedure, the surgeon can give a patient’s penis a larger and more aesthetic shape.

Using a Cannula for Volume Fillers or Volumizers

A cannula is an alternative device to a needle. The blunt-tipped, hollow tube is used in the volume filler method for a number of benefits. Usually, the surgeon injects the dermal filler into the penis shaft with a needle. But the use of a cannula instead has broken the usual tradition. While both cannulas and needles have their own use and functions, the former is a more preferable choice for patients.

Dr. Elliot Heller has himself seen the benefits of injecting the Voluma filler with a cannula tube during non-surgical penile lengthening methods. Feel free to reach out to him at the Allure Plastic Surgery Center for details.

The Procedure

After a detailed assessment of the current shape of the penis and the determination of the aesthetic goals of the patient, Dr. Heller starts the preparation of the Voluma filler with a cannula tube procedure. General anesthesia is administered so as to minimize pain and discomfort for the patient.

The cannula method involves making a small access point. Through this entry point, Dr. Heller inserts the cannula tube and moves it along the penile shaft. This is to ensure the filler has enough space and is distributed evenly all along the planes of the skin tissue of the penis. The cannula method does not provide expanded space for injecting the Voluma filler, but it also creates accuracy. Via a single entry point, the Voluma filler or the volumizer reaches multiple areas of the shaft. Unlike the needle method, the cannula procedure doesn’t require the surgeon to give multiple injections. As a result of the even distribution, the penis gets a flawless look.

Benefits of the Cannula Method

The use of the cannula tube makes the entire Voluma filler procedure seamless and smooth. The surgeon injects the filler with a high degree of precision. Also, the surgeon doesn’t need to do a lot of massaging for proper placement of the filler product. Since the cannula tube has a blunt tip, the risk of puncturing a vessel is entirely eliminated. Most of all, when the Voluma filler is injected without the use of a needle, the entire procedure becomes less painful. The risk of bruising and swelling is also minimized. Finally, the method also reduces downtime to a minimum.

After the injection of the Voluma filler into the penis shaft, the patient is ready to go home the same day.


The Voluma filler penile growth method has no downtime. Post-procedure, Dr. Heller will ask you to refrain from sexual activities and intense exercises for 1-2 weeks. However, you can immediately get back to your normal life. Just make sure you visit Dr. Heller for follow-up in a timely manner.


The Voluma filler method carried out without a needle is a highly effective one in terms of the quality of results. At the Allure Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Heller performs this nonsurgical penis enhancement procedure on a number of patients regularly. Every time, patients see excellent, long-term results.

Dr. Heller applies derma filler from some of the most well-known and trusted brands and injects the product with expert skills.

The non-surgical Voluma filler procedure gives results that can last for a long time. It is only that you need to follow the doctor’s instructions carefully. Based on the type of filler used, you can see semi-permanent to permanent results while getting a bigger and more aesthetic penis shape. Dr. Heller always adopts a personalized approach to ensure the patients get the desired results. He performs the penile Voluma filler method both effectively and safely.

The cannula tube penile growth method increases the girth of the penis as well as the length of the penis to a small extent.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Heller

If you plan to reach your ideal penis size, the cannula tube method with volume fillers is a highly effective one. At first, Dr. Heller will analyze the current shape of your penis and then discuss exactly what kind of aesthetic goals you want to achieve. Then, he will give you the details of the Voluma filler used in the procedure. For your free consultation, you should give Dr. Heller a phone call or write him an email using the contact form on the website. The Allure Plastic Surgery Center operates in Manhattan, Edison, Staten Island, Marlboro, and Warren.