What Can a Scrotal Lift Do for You?

New York, NY – As the stigma associated with plastic surgery fades away, more men are discovering the power cosmetic procedures can have in their lives. And for men who have lived with embarrassment over their most intimate parts, Dr. Elliot Heller, a New York plastic surgeon, provides a host of solutions.

“Men are realizing they no longer have to be self-conscious about the look of their penises and scrotums,” says Dr. Heller. “Men who have found their scrotum interferes with their daily life love the results I can provide with a scrotal lift, or scrotoplasty.”

A large scrotum can make a man self-conscious, especially during intimate moments. Additionally, it can make physical activities uncomfortable and even painful. However, Dr. Heller can tighten the skin and muscles of the scrotum to reduce discomfort and irritation.

The surgery itself is a rather quick procedure, typically taking less than an hour. It can be performed on an out-patient basis using only local anesthesia. In some cases, only excess scrotal skin will be removed. This is not ideal, however, because the skin can still stretch over time, due to natural causes as the patient ages.

Dr. Heller recommends a combination of skin removal and tightening of the skin and muscle.

“In order to have the best and most long-lasting results, the muscle must also be tightened,” says Dr. Heller. “The cremaster muscle is a two-sided muscle running from the internal obliques to just under the testicles. As with any other muscle in the body, it can lose muscle tone with age and begin to droop, resulting in a larger looking scrotal area.”

The muscle is responsible to helping to regulate the contraction and relaxation of the area, in reaction to surrounding temperature. Natural aging can create excess skin and a scrotum that hangs too low, or has a saggy look. But Dr. Heller’s scrotal lift procedure can tighten and lift the skin to give it a firmer and more youthful appearance.

Dr. Heller is an expert in scrotal lift and penile enhancement procedures, paying close attention to ensure proper sensation is maintained and no nerves are damaged during the procedure. Following the procedure, there may be some swelling and bruising, but this will go away within a week. An ice pack can help with any discomfort, and the patient can resume normal activities in a week.

If you’re embarrassed by the size of your scrotum, or if it has caused discomfort in daily activities, schedule a consultation with Dr. Heller today.

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BY Dr. Elliot Heller | September/13/2015