What the Future Holds for Penis Enlargement

New York, NY – No one truly knows what the future holds.

enlargement surgery NYCase in point, the movie franchise Back to the Future told us there’d be flying cars, hoverboards, and shoes that tied themselves by 2015, and that was nearly thirty years ago.

We asked a New York male enhancement specialist about the future recently and, unlike Back to the Future scriptwriters who could only speculate on what was to come, this doctor’s predictions were based on pure science.

According to him, when it comes to penis enlargement, the future could indeed be out of this world.

Penises Grown in the Lab?

“Penis enlargement, and overall male enhancement, has come a very long way in recent times,” says male enhancement specialist Dr. Elliot Heller who operates Allure Plastic Surgery Center in New York City.

According to the doctor, with a few simple procedures patients can experience extraordinary and long-lasting results.

He says that “With a single injection, or series of injections, patients can expand the girth (width) of their penis and enhance sensitivity and the firmness of their erections.”
The penis enlargement surgeon further explains that, for maximum length gains, he uses a procedure that releases a ligament inside the pubic region that protrudes the penis on a straighter path, leading to one or two inches in increased functional length.

Dr. Heller is also an expert in penile widening surgery, scrotal lifts, pubic lifts, and liposuction, and he is one of the few doctors that perform glanular enhancement, which expands the size of the penis glans (head).

He says, “These techniques make use of the penis you already have. Your length and width can only be added onto.”

What if, the doctor asks, we could manufacture penises that were made-to-order?
While all this sounds like the stuff of science-fiction, the fact is that science isn’t too far away from the future Dr. Heller suggests.

Gizmodo ran a piece recently that discussed fully-functioning human genitalia grown in the lab. The implications, the article stated, were for accident victims, transsexual men, and men who desired a boost to their original equipment.

As the article states, and as it was first reported by Maggie Fox at NBC, “[Dr. Atala] has already grown bladders using a patient’s own cells, and he’s made penises that rabbits were able to put to their proper use, fathering litters of new little bunnies.”

Dr. Heller says that this technology is still a ways off from one being able to order a penis with the exact length and width dimensions as you expect, like ordering a high-quality suit from a custom tailor.

“But one day, we may be able to implant penises that match the size of the patient most desires.”

Until that day comes, Dr. Heller says that the methods he works with today are more than adequate, and leave his patients satisfied at the end of recovery, which is often short-lived for all of his procedures.

“Right now I would suggest a man desiring more width to try the non-surgical. Both procedures are quick, painless and lead to long-lasting results.”

While it remains to be seen just what will happen to the penis enlargement industry, Dr. Heller remains confident that the procedures he performs will be considered state-of-the-art for years to come.

“If you think about it, we are living in the future of male enhancement. We have incredible techniques that leave many men very pleased with the new size dimensions they receive.”
To learn more about the male enhancement techniques in use today, visit https://www.nypenisenlargement.com/contact-us/.

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BY Dr. Elliot Heller | September/25/2016