Why You Need an Experienced Surgeon for Your Penile Enhancement Surgery

Why You Need an Experienced Surgeon for Your Penile Enhancement Surgery

penile enhancement in NYNew York, NY – We’ve all heard the horror stories – patients going in for what they thought was a simple procedure, but instead of coming out looking younger and more refreshed, the patient experiences disfigurement or even worse. In most of these cases, the issue wasn’t the fact that the patient opted for plastic surgery, but that they chose an inexperienced plastic surgeon to perform the procedure.

Your penis enlargement surgery is no different. Failing to properly research and find the doctor with the most experience in the type of procedure you want done can end up with upsetting, and sometimes tragic, consequences.

“An untrained and inexperienced surgeon can cause serious damage to your penis,” says Dr. Elliot Heller, who has spent years perfecting his penis enhancement surgery techniques in New York. “If a lengthening procedure is performed by a surgeon who doesn’t completely understand what he or she is doing, numerous side effects, such as infection, can result.”

Additionally, patients can experience nerve damage, reduced sensitivity and even difficulty getting an erection. An experienced surgeon will understand how to properly perform the procedure to produce minimal scarring, while a more inexperienced surgeon may leave you with scarring that can make your penis appear even shorter than it was before.

But that’s not all. Patient who opt for a widening procedure may be left with a lumpy, bumpy and uneven looking penis if the procedure is performed by someone who lacks experience. Additionally, an inexperienced surgeon may not have perfected their craft enough to create a lasting result. In many cases, the fat injected will simply be reabsorbed over time and the patient will need to undergo the procedure again. That’s not the case with Dr. Heller.

“I’ve spent years perfecting my fat transfer and fat grafting techniques,” says Dr. Heller, who has performed male enhancement surgeries on patients throughout the U.S. and the world. “I’ve perfected the use of double-layered Alloderm skin grafting that results in increased gains during a penile enlargement. My patients find my widening procedures to be permanent. And I have pioneered the ultra-emulsification of fat grafts, thereby eliminating any lumpy or uneven results.”

You may have lived your entire life wishing you had a larger penis. But once you make the decision to undergo surgery, don’t rush out to the first surgeon you find. Instead, take the time to educate yourself on the procedures available and then seek out the most experienced surgeon for the procedure you want performed. While you may feel self-conscious about the size of your penis now, an inexperienced surgeon can leave you in pain and with a penis that not only isn’t any larger, but is disfigured or even worse.

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