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The Best Gift for Father’s Day? A Healthy Boost of Male Enhancement

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PRP-Shot and Male Enhancement NY
Manhattan, NY – This Father’s Day, you might want to consider an alternative to the tie and specialty golf club. Instead, why not consider something a little less tangible, like male confidence? That type of self-esteem can’t be found in a bottle and it won’t result from an outfit or new hairstyle. There are few things that can boost one’s confidence in a major way, but various male enhancement procedures can certainly do the trick.

What Does Male Enhancement Mean?
The term male enhancement refers to one or more procedures that are intended to widen, lengthen, or otherwise improve the size of a man’s penis. There are both surgical and non-surgical techniques, and each has a different effect on the size and/or performance of the penis.

Here is a brief rundown of the procedures that can make for a long-lasting and life improving gift for the special man in your life this Father’s Day.

Surgical & Non-Surgical Male Enhancement Procedures
Scrotal Enhancement, Lift or Web Release: Giving a man more confidence doesn’t just have to involve his penis size. In some cases, the man may wish to attain a more youthful scrotum. In some cases, the scrotum attaches a little too high on the penis shaft, making the penis appear shorter than it actually is. A Scrotal web release can help make the penis appear longer, and thus help the man feel more confident in the bedroom and out. These procedures cost from $1000 and up.

PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma therapy involves the extraction of the man’s blood before the platelets are extracted and added to a special solution. The solution is then injected into the man’s penis to stimulate regrowth of new cells and the repair of existing cells. This procedure, which costs between $1000 and $2000, is one of the best ways to achieve male enhancement all-naturally.

Circumcision: It may be that the man in your life feels self-conscious because he’s uncircumcised. Many men are circumcised as babies. When a man goes his adult life with his foreskin intact, not only can it cause him embarrassment, but it can often lead to an increase in penis infections and the increased risk of cervical cancer in female partners. A circumcision by a New York plastic surgeon will run from $3500 and up.

Penile Lengthening: If the length of the man’s penis is an issue, there are several options, and each procedure will lead to a different aesthetic and physiological effect. A ligament release, for example, is a surgical technique that substantially increases penile length by releasing the ligament hidden within the body. This effectively releases a full one-third of the penis that was otherwise hidden.

A pubic lift if for men with excessive fat on their pubic area, which can also hide some of a man’s visible length. Pubic liposuction is yet another option for men who experience FUPA or fatty upper pubic area.

These procedures cost between $2500 and $5000 and up, and will give a man considerably more length, which can ultimately cause his confidence to swell.

Penile Widening: Some men are happy with their penis length, but the width of their penis leaves a lot to be desired. For these men, there are also procedures that give the penis more girth. A fat transfer or fat harvest and injection is a procedure whereby the plastic surgeon removes fat from another area of the man’s body, such as the midsection, and transfers it into the penis.
Fat is the preferred medium to transfer into the penis, but what if the man doesn’t have any fat to remove? In those instances, the plastic surgeon can use one of a variety of non-surgical dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma, and permanent Bellafil.

Using fat and fillers, the man can increase the girth of his penis by approximately 40%!

Furthermore, the fat transfer or dermal filler procedure can be repeated for a full 75% increase in penis width. That would be some Father’s Day present. Penile widening procedures start at around $1000 and go up to about $6000, depending on procedure and desired effects.

Glanular Enhancement: The man in your life may benefit from a glans or head enhancement, which uses the same FDA fillers as the penis widening procedure for a 10-minute injection that will give the head a more swollen appearance.

A Sensitive Topic Deserves a Delicate Touch
The best way to approach the man in your life with a male enhancement gift is to listen to his needs and find out what his insecurities are. If more youthful genitals, a bigger or wider penis are in his wheelhouse of dreams, you can actually make those dreams come true with a single consultation.

Dr. Elliot Heller of Allure Plastic Surgery Center is a plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgeon operating in the New York area.

Call 8-66-477-2023 and schedule a meeting with Dr. Heller today. This Father’s Day, you just may give the most important man in your life a gift as invaluable as any other: The gift of supreme confidence. Schedule today and ask about the PRP-Shot, a non-surgical technique that offers the fast and easy way to stronger and longer-lasting erections!

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Does Obesity Affect Penis Size?

Too FatNew York, NY – Are you one of the many men who worry about their penis size? If you are, and you’re also overweight, there are some things you need to know before you run out in search of penis enhancement surgery.

Obesity is actually one of the main causes of a penis looking small. Some men may think that as they are aging, their penises have shrunk, but that simply isn’t the case. As men age, more weight finds its way around their middle, which also means extra weight in the pubic mound. This area encases the penis, and extra fat can actually make the penis start to disappear.

So if your penis has seemed to start disappearing over time, check the size of your middle. Has it grown over that same time? If so, and you really want to get those lost inches back in penis size, the best way to do that is to lose weight. Once that fat starts to fall off, you may gain back an inch or more in visible penis size.

But you’ll also notice as you age that the weight doesn’t fall off as easy as it used to. If you’re one of those men, who no matter how much you diet or exercise, you still seem to carry extra weight around the middle, it might be time to think about targeted liposuction.

Just as fat accumulates in your abdomen, fat also finds its way to that pubic mound. Liposuction of this area will remove the fat, making your penis appear longer. It may take several months for the final results to be visible and the added visible length will be dependent on the amount of fat that is able to be removed.

Liposuction may result in extra skin, but a pubic lift procedure can take care of that. Excessive weight loss will also result in large areas of sagging skin. During a pubic lift, the excess skin will be removed and the area will be lifted, thereby revealing more of your penis.

After a liposuction and pubic lift procedure, there are a few things patients should be aware of. There may be minor discomfort and even a bit of swelling, and it is recommended that patients stay in bed the day of the surgery. Most patients will be able to return to work in just a few days, but if you have a very active job, it may take a bit longer.

In some cases, a tummy tuck may also be recommended to achieve optimal results.

If you’ve been considering male enhancement surgery and are overweight, consider scheduling a consultation today to learn about the options available to you.

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What to Expect After Penis Enlargement Surgery

Male SurgeryNew York, NY – Perhaps you’ve been considering a penis enlargement surgery and are close to making your final decision. In addition to understanding the procedure itself, have you taken the time to ask your surgeon what to expect after the surgery?

“One thing I need to be sure I do well is handle expectations of my patients,” says Dr. Elliot Heller, a NY plastic surgeon. “After you’ve just undergone a penile enhancement, you’ll be anxious to get back to your normal activities. While you can’t jump back in the water right away, you might be amazed at how quickly you can resume your normal activities.”

The downtime after a penile enlargement surgery is actually pretty short. If you are looking into a fat transfer, you’ll only need to rest for about 24 hours following your procedure. A ligament release will only have you down about two days before you can return to work. If you are an exercise buff, you’ll want to avoid your normal routine the day following your fat transfer procedure. If you’ve opted for a ligament release to gain extra length, you may need to take about a week off before hitting the gym again.

But the most common question men ask is when they will be able to resume their sexual activity. The good news is, you don’t have to take too long to show your new member off to your partner. If you’ve had a fat transfer, avoid sexual activity for one week. If you’ve opted for Alloderm or a ligament release, you can resume your normal sexual activities in about four weeks. Dr. Heller does advise all of his patients that it can take three to six months to see the final results of their lengthening procedure, depending on what type of surgery they opted for. That requires a bit of patience, but it will all pay off in the end!

Post-surgery, your penis function will return as normal, so there is no need to be concerned with urination or erection ability. There may be some slight pain during an erection, but is very mild and will go away very quickly. And, there are some things you can do to assist in your recovery.

Massaging your penis each day can help you avoid asymmetry and prevent lumps from forming. In some cases, to assist with lengthening, your surgeon may recommend using penis extenders after surgery to gain the maximum length. Always carefully follow your surgeon’s directions for use.

While this is a fairly simple procedure with a very quick recovery time, it is important to remember that cosmetic surgery is still surgery, so there can always be possible side effects and complications. While very rare, risks can include bleeding, infection and negative reaction to anesthesia. Some patients may be experience swelling, numbness and bruising to the area immediately after surgery, but this will subside in a few days.

While results vary from patient to patient, a one to two inch gain in length is average for a lengthening procedure. Patients undergoing a fat transfer or graft can expect up to a 30 percent gain in width. Patients who opt for glanular enhancement will see a five to 20 percent increase in the head of their penis. Maximum results will be achieved by following all post-care directions and using the penile stretching device as advised by your surgeon.

“Immediate results will be seen for patients undergoing fat transfer or grafts,” says Dr. Heller. “For a ligament release procedure, final results may take up to six months to see. That means you’ll need to be patient while waiting to see the final length of your penis. But the surgery is highly successful, and with a quick turnaround, you can be back to your normal self, just with a little added confidence, in no time.”

Dr. Heller is a highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon who has a high satisfaction rate with his penile lengthening and widening procedures. When informed of reasonable expectations, most men will be highly pleased with their results and ready to confidently face the world.

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Is Penis Enlargement Right for You?

Penis enlargementNew York, NY – If you are a warm blooded male, chances are the thought of whether or not your penis is large enough has crossed your mind. If you’re constantly obsessing over it, and wondering if penile enhancement surgery is right for you, we have some answers.

Let’s Talk Size
Most men may wonder if they are smaller than average, but in most cases, they are probably right where they should be. The average erect penis is 5-6 inches long, with a width of approximately 4-5 inches. In reality, most men will fit into this range, but in some cases, genetics or hormone problems may result in a smaller than average penis.

“However, even if you are average size, you may still be bombarded by thoughts of inadequacy,” says Dr. Elliot Heller, a NY plastic surgeon who specializes in helping men. “And those thoughts can affect your relationships and self-esteem. If that’s the case, you may want to consider consulting a plastic surgeon who specializes in penis enlargement – we have a variety of options that might work for you.

While the results of the procedures vary from patient to patient, a one to two inch gain in length can be expected and if you opt for a fat transfer or Allograft Dermal Matrix Graft, you can expect up to a 30% gain in width.

The Procedures – Lengthening and Widening
You may not realize it, but about half of your penis length actually resides inside your body, anchored to the pubic bone by what is called the fundiform and suspensory ligament. If the ligaments are released, the penis, which sits in the body in a curvature formation, will then protrude on a straighter path. This will result in one to two inches of additional length on the outside of the body. Paired with a tension weight device, a maximum gain in length can be achieved from the penis enlargement procedure.

You may also choose to have a penile widening procedure performed, and for that there are a couple of options. Using Alloderm® Matrix, a thick sheet of tissue, Dr. Heller places it under the skin of the penis. This procedure can add up to 25-35% more width. And good news – Dr. Heller has pioneered a double layering procedure that results in maximum gains.

Another option is the use of fat transfers. Fat can be removed from another area of the body and then injected in the skin of the penis to increase the girth. There are no incisions or stitches required and this procedure can even be performed while you are awake. Results will be immediate and you can resume your normal activities the following day. And the fat that is harvested can be stored and used for additional procedures, should you choose to do so in the future.

Additional procedures that may result in a lengthened look for your penis include scrotal web release and a pubic lift and liposuction. During a scrotal web release, the attachment of the under surface of the penis to the scrotum will be released. This can make the penis look longer because it won’t be tethered to the scrotal skin any longer. This can also be added along to a traditional penile enlargement surgery to create a maximum gain in length.

In some cases, a large pad of fat will rest on the pubic bone, which can hide part of the shaft of your penis. In order to maximize your penile lengthening procedure, it is best to remove this pad. You have two options to remove the pad – either surgery or liposuction. Your plastic surgeon will tell you during your consultation if you could benefit from having this procedure performed in conjunction with your enlargement surgery.

So how do you know if penile enhancement surgery is right for you? The answer varies from person to person, but if you find yourself constantly wondering if the size of your penis is adequate, if might be time to consult a plastic surgeon. If you have noticed your thoughts of inadequacy have begun to affect your self-esteem or personal relationships, don’t wait any longer. A new, more confident you is just a phone call away.

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